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Title: 國小二年級學童環境覺知之探究----以校園環境為例
An Action Study of Students' Environmental Awareness in the Second Grade of Primary School --Take Campus Environment as An Example
Authors: 張子超
Keywords: 環境教育
environmental education
Life Curriculum
environmental awareness
Flow Learning Teaching Theory
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究以質性研究為主,量的研究為輔,利用「環境覺知量表」進行前後測,以質性資料分析探討教學成效;在教學活動中搜集學生所產出的資料,視教學情境對學生進行半結構性晤談,再根據學生的回答和文件資料,分析教學活動對學生環境覺知的影響。教學內容以台北市北投區石牌國小校園為素材設計的自然體驗課程,以「順流學習法(Flow Learning)」進行教學,記錄實際進行教學的情形,探討整個教學活動對學生環境覺知的影響。 研究結果發現: 一、環境教育所教導的內容是周遭環境裡所能接觸與探究的事物,適合將環境教育融入生活課程中實施。 二、以校園為素材設計的自然體驗課程確實能提升學童的環境覺知。 三、以順流學習法的策略設計課程有助於教師專業知能的成長。 最後,研究者綜合各項結果,提出在教師教學、課程設計、未來研究方向等方面的建議以供參考。
Abstract: This is a qualitative research with some quantitative data in it. To investigate the teaching effectiveness, the researcher used pre-and post-tests to gather statistics and analyzed the qualitative data. The students’ data were collected in the teaching activities, and the researcher would conduct unstructured interview according to the teaching situation and students’ answers. These data were analyzed to show how the teaching activities influenced the environmental awareness of the students. The curriculum used the campus as teaching materials, taught them by the way of Flow Learning and recorded the cases to confer the influences to environment awareness. The results show: 1.Environmental education tried to teach the materials which existed in our surrounding so it’s good to enforce it in the life curriculum. 2.The natural experience curriculum of materials in the campus could strengthen the environmental awareness of students. 3.The curriculum designed by the principals of Flow Learning could strengthen teachers’ professional knowledge and skills. To sum up, the researcher address the school-based environmental education curriculum could make more use of their campus. In the future the relative research can aim at different objects and methods to supply suggestions to the teachers or scholars of education researches.
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