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Title: 六位數學實習教師教學知識變遷的個案研究
Authors: 金鈐
Keywords: 教師專業發展
community of practice
mentoring of teaching practice
pedagogical content knowledge
teacher professional development
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究利用第一年(張繼元,2005)所篩選出的六位個案,以不同實習學校的實務社群(Community of Practice) (Wenger, 1998)為場景,進行為期一年的個案第三年追蹤研究。本研究採用個案研究法,並搭配教室觀察、個案晤談及文件資料收集,探討六位數學科實習教師在實習學校中數學教學相關知識的轉變。作者以實務社群作為個案學習和發展數學教學知識的脈絡,透過分析教學實作中所呈現的不同知識面向,以及與輔導老師互動後的知識遷移情形,嘗試瞭解數學實習教師在一年實習過程的教學相關知識轉變,並以Valsiner (1987)的學習發展理論來詮釋個案階段性的教學專業發展。 研究結果顯示,個案在實習之初的數學教學知識是不足的,在不同社群脈絡下,由於受到實習環境和輔導老師的影響而促使其知識有不同內涵和程度的轉變與發展。其中,輔導老師的輔導策略與態度對個案教學知識的影響是最為顯著的,但是,也必須考量到個案的學習領悟(learning-to-see)才能促成最佳的發展。此外,研究也發現,個案的外顯教學行為與內在思想觀念是與教學實作相互牽引的,這同時也會伴隨著身份的協商和教學信念的改變。 本研究結果應有助於數學師資培育者,進一步掌握數學實習教師的教學知識學習軌跡,並且,瞭解輔導老師的輔導策略、理念與方式對數學實習教師的可能影響。也有助於師資培育機構,更深入瞭解實習過程對師資培育的重要性,以及實習環境與制度的建構對實習教師的實際影響。
Abstract This research followed the six student teacher cases that Zhang (2005) studied for one academic year in their probationary period. Wenger’s (1998) theory of community of practice is used as the theoretical basis. Case study method with classroom observations and interviews was adopted to explore six mathematical probationary teachers’ transition of the relevant knowledge of mathematics teaching in their site-based schools. The author sees community of practice as the context of the learning and developing knowledge of mathematical teaching, and then analyzes different knowledge faces of the six studied cases in classroom teaching practice and the relevant pedagogical knowledge that are transformed within the school context while interacting with his or her mentor teachers. Besides, the author used Valsiner’s (1987) theory of learning and concept development to interpret the six cases’ development of professional knowledge of/for teaching secondary mathematics. The research results revealed that the knowledge bases for teaching secondary mathematics of the six cases are insufficient. When they were under different community of practice and influenced by the environment and the mentors, their pedagogical knowledge would be forced to change in different orientations. The tactics and attitudes of mentors had enormous effect on the development of professional knowledge for the six cases, the mentors should also think about how to facilitate the cases’ knowledge development through learning-to-see. In addition, the result also showed that external teaching behaviors and the internal ideas or conceptions that the cases develop are interactive and built through classroom teaching practice, and this also goes with the process of negotiating identity and beliefchange. The research results may contribute to the training of mathematics teachers in grasping the pre-service teacher’s learning-to-teach process, and understand the possible influences that mentors could have on the probationary mathematics teachers. Besides, this result can also help the teacher education institutions to understand more about how to provide the courses for site-based schools and the environment and system influences on the pre-service teachers.
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