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Title: 不同溶劑對製備高分子-單壁奈米碳管複合物之性質分析
Analysis for the properties of Polymer/SWCNT composite prepared by different solvents
Authors: 陳貴賢
Keywords: 單壁奈米碳管
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本論文主要探討單壁奈米碳管與共軛高分子複合材料於不同溶劑下之光學分析。實驗選用共軛高分子作為介面活性劑,不僅可以將聚集的單壁奈米碳管分散,而且還對於單壁奈米碳管的構型或特性有選擇性;不同溶劑的極性、密度與構形,對於共軛高分子與單壁奈米碳管的溶解度、選擇性與分散性都具有影響力。實驗將單壁奈米碳管使用共軛高分子分散於溶劑中,利用吸收光譜分析樣品的溶解度;光激發螢光光譜分析單壁奈米碳管的分散性與選擇性。研究顯示特定的高分子與有機溶劑組合,可以對於特定構型的單壁奈米碳管具有選擇性。在光電元件的部分,此實驗利用P3HT分散單壁奈米碳管於不同溶劑中,討論不同溶劑對於P3HT與單壁奈米碳管之間結晶性的影響,因此可以更瞭解P3HT與單壁奈米碳管的系統。
Optical analyses for the interaction between single-walled carbon nanotubes(SWCNTs) and conjugate polymer under different solvents had been discussed in this thesis. It was shown that SWCNTs not only can be dispersed in solvent using conjugate polymer as surfactant agent, but also shows good selectivity for chirality and properties. The solvents with different polarity, density and structure will affect the solubility, selectivity and dispersion of SWCNTs/polymer system. The solubility of SWCNTs in solvents was analyzed by absorption spectra. The dispersion and selectivity of SWCNTs with different conjugate polymer were analyzed by photoluminescence. The result shows that some specific chirality of SWCNTs can be separated by certain conjugate polymer and organic solvents. In this thesis, dispersed SWCNTs in different solvents using P3HT were used for photovoltaic device measurement. In order to have better understanding about the interaction between P3HT and SWCNTs, the solvent effect on the crystallization of the P3HT and the SWCNTs/P3HT composites was discussed.
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