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Title: 2-(醯基亞甲基)吡咯啶生物鹼的合成研究
Total Synthesis of 2-(Acylmethylene)pyrrolidine Alkaloids
Authors: 簡敦誠
Hsu Chia Chun
Keywords: 吡咯啶
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 自然界中存在許多具有pyrrolidine結構的天然物,具有多樣化的生物活性,其中ruspolinone、dehydrodarlinine與crispine A是我們有興趣的天然物。本論文主要是研究,運用氮上有不同取代基的proline為起始物,和不同的親核性試劑進行Mannich反應,在pyrrolidine的α位置建構碳-碳鍵,並利用實驗找尋最佳化條件。並將研究的結果應用於ruspolinone、dehydrodarlinine與crispine A的合成。
Many natural products have been identified to contain the pyrrolidine ring unit, including ruspolinone, dehydrodarlinine and crispine A. These pyrrolidine-containing alkaloids possessed a wide variety of interesting biological activities. In this thesis, we describe that the α-substituted pyrrolidine derivatives can be prepared from N-substituted prolines and various nucleophilic reagents by Mannich decarboxlative coupling reaction. The methodology is applicable to the synthesis of ruspolinone, dehydrodarlinine and crispine A.
Other Identifiers: GN060142087S
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