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Title: 製備銀奈米島狀薄膜及螢光增強測試
Development of silver nano-island film for metal-enhanced fluorescence
Authors: 陳家俊
Chen, Chia-Chun
Chen, Po-Chun
Keywords: 表面電漿共振
localized surface plasmon resonance
metal-enhance fluorescence
silver nano-island film
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 近年來,金屬奈米材料合成方法眾多,本實驗是利用無電電鍍法製備銀奈米島狀薄膜(Silver-Island Films,SIFs),以液相二次生長法,並用奈米金的晶種為基底,前驅物為硝酸銀(Silver nitrate),並以葡萄糖(D-glucose)為還原劑生長銀奈米島狀薄膜。金屬增強螢光(Metal-Enhanced fluorescence,MEF)已有許久的歷史,金屬增強螢光受到許多研究人員的矚目及被廣泛的利用,由於金屬材料的局部表面電漿共振(localized surface plasmon resonance,LSPR)效應,且具有LSPR的奈米銀島狀薄膜與表面螢光分子streptavidin-IR800互相作用,使得螢光訊號放大。為了得到螢光值最佳放大倍率,測試一系列的條件:硝酸銀濃度、氨水濃度、反應時間、不同的表面修飾。測試結果為硝酸銀為500μM、氨水濃度為39.25mM、反應時間為5分鐘時,並且以硫十一醇(11-mercapto-1-undecanol,11-MUD)修飾銀奈米島狀薄膜表面,得到最高的螢光值,螢光增強倍率為456倍。成功的在玻璃片上,生長銀奈米島狀薄膜,其優點為快速、且對環境無害。由於此薄膜具有螢光訊號放大的效果,所以銀奈米島狀薄膜可以應用於生化檢測。
Recently , there are many methods for synthesis nano-meterials. In this experiment,we use electroless plating to prepare silver nano-island film. First , we grow gold nanoparticles for seeds,and then we grow silver nano-islands. Metal-enhanced fluorescence has been attracted and invested by many researchers many years. Due to the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) effect of the nano-metal material, the silver nano-island film with LSPR interacts with the surface fluorescent molecule streptavidin-IR800, resulting in the fluorescence amplification. In order to obtain the best fluorescence magnification, a series of conditions were tested, silver nitrate concentration, ammonia concentration, reaction time, and different surface modifications. The result was that the concentration of silver nitrate was 500 μM, the concentration of ammonium hydroxide solution was 39.25mM , the reaction time was 5 minutes, and the surface of the silver nano-island film was modified with 11-mercapto-1-undecanol (11-MUD) to obtain the highest fluorescence. The fluorescence of streptavidin-IR800 magnification is about 456 times.Successfully, we grow the silver nano-island on the glass substrate. The advantage is fast and harmless to the environment. Due to the film has a fluorescence magnification effect, the silver nano-island film can be applied to biochemical detection.
Other Identifiers: G060542046S
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