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Title: 製備金銀合金奈米島狀薄膜及螢光增強測試
Development of Gold and Silver Alloy Nano-island Film for Metal-enhanced Fluorescence
Authors: 陳家俊
Chen, Chia-Chun
Chen, Sin-Jhong
Keywords: 表面電漿共振
localized surface plasmon resonance
metal-enhance fluorescence
Au-Ag alloy island film
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract:   金屬奈米材料的局部表面電漿共振(Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance,LSPR)現象對螢光物質有螢光增強效果。此效果稱之為金屬增強螢光(Metal-Enhanced fluorescence,MEF),一直以來金屬增強螢光效果被科學家們廣泛利用。   在各種金屬奈米材料合成方法中,本論文實驗是使用簡單無電鍍法方式來製備金銀合金奈米島狀薄膜。在溶液相中透過二次生長晶種方法,將金屬奈米金粒子當作晶種附著在玻璃基材上。利用羥胺為還原劑將金離子還原並藉由晶種持續長大在玻璃基材表面上形成金奈米島狀薄膜。然後這之上再利用葡萄糖為還原劑將銀離子還原並在金奈米島狀薄膜表面形成金銀合金奈米島狀結構薄膜。   為了得到螢光值最佳放大倍率,實驗一系列的優化條件。通過控制溶液不同長晶時間、不同離子濃度以及不同生長溫度,期望製作出最理想金銀合金奈米島狀薄膜。並且具有 LSPR 的金銀合金奈米島狀薄膜與表面螢光分子streptavidin-IR800 互相作用,使得螢光訊號放大。透過修飾硫十一醇(11-mercapto-1-undecanol,11-MUD)的金銀合金奈米島狀薄膜表面,使得螢光分子可以鍵結在島與島之間空隙中,得到螢光值最佳放大倍率。   此實驗方法對環境無害、簡單且容易製備。可應用於檢測環境方面以及醫學生物相關應用,具備精準、快速且高靈敏度的優點。檢驗時只需少量的採樣樣品,即可有明顯強大的訊號。在醫學生物檢測方面可以幫助人們在日常生活中方便快速,偵測評估自己的生理狀況。 關鍵字:表面電漿共振、金屬增強螢光、金銀合金奈米島狀薄膜
The localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) of metallic nano-materials can give fluorescent enhancement to fluorescent materials. This effect is called metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF), and it has being widely applied by scientists. Among all synthesizing methods of metallic nano-materials, the study prepares an Au-Ag alloy island film with the electroless plating technique in experiments. Metallic gold nanoparticles are deposited on a glass substrate as seed crystals via secondary growth method in the solution phase. After that, gold ions are reduced with hydroxylamine as a reducing agent and keep growing with seed crystals to form a gold island film on the surface of the glass substrate. Following that, silver ions are also reduced with d-glucose as a reducing agent and form an Au-Ag alloy island film on the surface of the gold island film. A variety of optimal conditions has been experimented to obtain the highest magnification ratio of fluorescence, including controls on different timing of crystal generation, ion concentration and growth temperature in expectation to make the most ideal Au-Ag alloy island film. Besides, the Au-Ag alloy island film with LSPR effect can intensify the fluorescence signal by interacting with streptavidin-IR800, the surface fluorescent molecules. Finally, the Au-Ag alloy island film, which modifies 11-mercapto-1-undecanol (11-MUD), can make fluorescent molecules form bonds in the intervals between islands and achieve the best magnification ratio. This eco-friendly, simple, and easy-to-prepare experimental method can be adopted in fields related to environmental measuring and biomedical sciences with its high accuracy, speed, and sensitivity. When measuring, it takes only few samples to receive clear, powerful signals; in terms of biomedical sciences, this method also helps people to assess their own physiological conditions in a fast, convenient way in daily life. Keywords: localized surface plasmon resonance, metal-enhance fluorescence, Au-Ag alloy island film
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