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Title: 利用金銅雙金屬奈米材料催化二氧化碳之電化學還原反應
The Development of Gold-Copper Bimetallic Nanocatalyst for Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction
Authors: 陳家俊
Chen, Chia-Chun
Chou, Te-Yu
Keywords: 二氧化碳還原反應
carbon dioxide reduction reaction
gold-copper bimetallic nanomaterial
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近年來由於溫室效應以及能源危機等議題對於人類的生活影響範圍越來越大 ,對於著手開發新興再生能源的研究也越來越多 ,研究範圍也越來越廣。其中對於開發二氧化碳為可再生能源的研究也日益增加 ,因此研究相關材料基板能有效催化二氧化碳還原反應並且提高效率被視為此研究領域重要的目的。 而本研究則以利用金銅雙金屬奈米材料作為實驗基板 ,用以催化在電解反應中的二氧化碳順利還原成一氧化碳並計算其法拉第效率。從原本測試利用水熱法所合成的含銅奈米顆粒基板 ,其一氧化碳的法拉第效率約為1.1% ,然而不斷改進方法使用含金離子之溶液直接滴入含銅奈米顆粒基板基板的表面上並進行鍛燒 ,使整體反應能不受介面活性劑的影響直接在基板的表面上作用,並量測得到一氧化碳的法拉第效率得到約為28.8%。 關鍵字:二氧化碳還原反應;水熱法;金銅雙金屬奈米材料
In recent years, due to the profound influences of Greenhouse and energy crisis, more researches of discovering renewable energy are increasing and become extensive. Among them developing carbon dioxide reduction reaction is the most crucial part. As a result, making the research into substrates, which catalyze of carbon dioxide reduction reaction and promote the efficiency, is regarded as main purpose. This research uses gold-copper bimetallic nanomaterial as a working substrate, in order to catalyze the electrochemical reaction of carbon dioxide reduction and calculate the Faradic efficiency of carbon monoxide. In the beginning, by using Hydrothermal to synthesize the copper nanoparticles on substrate and test the Faradic efficiency of the sample, the result is only around 1.1%. However, by dropping the Au ion solution on the surface of copper nanoparticles substrate with annealing step to promote Faradic efficiency of the sample without any effects from surfactant. Amazingly Faradic efficiency arises to 28.8%. Keywords: carbon dioxide reduction reaction ; Hydrothermal ; gold-copper bimetallic nanomaterial
Other Identifiers: G060342077S
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