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Title: 開發新型態氮摻雜二硫化鈷催化劑於電催化產氫反應之應用
Development of Active Nitrogen-doped Cobalt Disulfide Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Authors: 陳家俊
Chen, Chia-Chun
Yang, Yu-Hsiu
Keywords: 產氫
Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER)
Water electrolysis
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 在現今石化燃料的快速消耗下,尋找新興替代能源逐漸受到關注。在許多的替代能源中,氫氣燃料電池為最具發展潛力的能源之一,因其原理簡單、在反應時其轉換效能也很高,且過程中不會產生危害地球的溫室氣體,例如二氧化碳或甲烷等產物。 氫氣能從許多來源中產生,而其中電解水(water electrolysis)是最具潛力的方法,然而對於電解水產氫,鉑金屬類的少數貴金屬雖具有相當高效能的催化活性與穩定度,但是其含量稀少與價格昂貴,限制了大量製造與普及化可能性。因此開發便宜且地球含量豐富的析氫觸媒材料為我們研究的重點方向。 本實驗利用水熱法(hydrothermal)配合化學氣相置換法方式,合成氮摻雜之二硫化鈷。藉由異質結構增加活化位置,來提升析氫觸媒的表現。在極化曲線中,我們可以發現此材料擁有很好的催化活性,其Onset potential 約50mV,Tafel slope值約52mV/decade,並展現良好的長程穩定性。
Because of the continuous increase of energy consumption, it is urgent to find the earth-abundant and eco-friendly energy sources. Among all the possible candidates, hydrogen energy has been considered one of the most promising alternatives, which has many advantages, including high energy conversion efficiency, few side reactions, almost complete combustion, and zero greenhouse gas emission. Among all the hydrogen generation methods, water electrolysis has been considered one of the most potential ways. Regular water electrolysis is operated under the noble metal catalysts, of which the price makes its further applications limited. Therefore, a low-cost, earth-abundant, and easily synthesized alternative should be rendered. In this work, we have already synthesized nitrogen-doped cobalt (II) disulfide using both hydrothermal and chemical vapor deposition, in which synergistic effects between nitrogen and cobalt disulfide not only produce a higher surface area but also expose a larger fraction of edge sites, leading to significant improvement in the hydrogen evolution reaction. The as-prepared sample was carefully examined under scanning electron microscope and linear sweep voltammetry, showing extra high specific area, ultra low overpotential, and long-term stability.
Other Identifiers: G060342011S
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