App開發商之營運模式與成長路徑分析-以App store為例 Business Model and Analysis of Growing Path : the Case of App Developers on App Store

Wang, Yu-Ting
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應用程式已行之有年,但在蘋果自2008年推出App Store後,整個應用程式開始蓬勃發展,而應用程式此一新興服務衍伸出新的商業模式,先前電子商務無法完全解釋現今發展之模式,因此本研究主要探討現今應用程式之商業模式,以免費提供應用程式之開發商為主要探討對象,做整理與歸納;此外因整個產業龐大的商機,吸引應用程式開發商大批投入,導致應用程式間競爭激烈,且發展快速,讓廠商無所適從,因此本研究搭配安索夫成長路徑,研究目前嶄露頭角之開發商其成長路徑做整理與歸納,得出之結論與建議能提供後進者一些發展上之方向。最後將研究發現整理如下: 一、 雖然應用程式看似多元,但是其商業模式皆大同小異,僅有商業模式並不夠,需搭配其他策略。 二、 成長路徑大多還是依序發展,僅有少數從反向發展。 三、 成長路徑與商業模式需互相搭配,商業模式協助成長路徑的達成。 建議之部分如下: 一、 以社會上現有需求為出發點 二、 商業模式的搭配需先建立相關的能力
The Applications have been practiced for years, but since Apple Inc. released the App Store in 2008, the whole application industry has been rising and flourishing. The developing application service has brought a new business model to us and the former e-commerce couldn’t explain the current developing pattern completely. Therefore, this study is mainly discussing today’s business model of the applications, using the developers who offer free applications as our research subjects to conclude and try to make an arrangement. Furthermore, because the enormous commercial potential attracts many application developers to make large amount of input, which causes keen competition in the industry and also developing rapidly, all of these have made the firms don’t know what course to take. Consequently, this study uses the Ansoff Growth Path to investigate the developers who currently stand out conspicuously to make a conclusion and coordination. The results and recommendations that generate from this study can help the later developers to understand the direction for their expanding more thoroughly. Finally, we arrange our findings from this study as follow: 1. Although the applications seem to be diverse, yet their business models are largely identical but with minor differences. It’s not enough for just using business model and we need to collocate other strategies. 2. Most of paths in the Ansoff Growth Path are still sequencing,only few in it are going along the opposite direction. 3. The growth path has to collocate with the business model and the business model can help to achieve the growth path. Our suggestions are as follow: 1. Use the existing demand in the society as a takeoff. 2. Build the relevant capacity to fit business models which are chosen.
行動通訊, 商業模式, 應用程式開發商, 安索夫成長路徑, Telecommunication, Business Model, App developer, Ansoff Growth Path