AHP 應用於物流委外決策的評估因素之探討 An Exploratory Study of the Application of AHP to the Evaluating Factors of Logistics Operations Outsourcing Decision

Suppanai Sriwararat
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摘要 在泰國美索地區的企業需要物流公司來負責貨品運輸的流程。此篇論文的目標是架構出方法來選擇適合第三方物流提供者(Third logistics providers),並以泰國當地一家企業__ Hong-Li Inter Trade Company 宏利公司為例。研究目的為辨認出哪幾項因素對於第三方物流之選擇流程是有效的。因為,這是非常重要的事情,使公司了解到有哪幾項因子是有效果的對於決策者選擇第三方物流以利維持好的績效在貨物運輸的部分,當然對泰國宏利公司也有相同想法。在本研究中選用了五項準則與二十三項的次級準則,且認為它們有效地影響決策過程。研究過程中有問卷設計和發放,且對公司內部專家進行調查,同時使用分層分析法(Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP)研究各因素之中要性。我們所選擇出的準則有:資訊科技(Information Technology)、企業關係、經營績效、能力與服務。另外,排名前五名的次級準則如下:運輸安全、準確的資料、是否容易合作、資料的安全性及專業程度。最後,我們將會總結並提供建言給予泰國宏利公司。 關鍵詞:分層分析法、物流外包、第三方物流、決策制定模型
Abstract The business in Mae Sot District, Thailand needs some logistics firm to take response in logistic process. The purpose of this paper is to serves as a structure for the logistics part of Hong-Li Inter Trade Company to select suitable of Third party logistics providers. The objective of the research is to identify which factors can affect the decision making process of 3PLs selection. Therefore, it is an important for the company to understand which factors could affect decision makers in choosing 3PLs in order to maintain the good performance in transportation part of Hong-Li Inter Trade Company at Mae Sot District, Thailand. Based on the literatures, 5 criteria and 23 of sub criteria that influence the selection process were used. Questionnaire is designed and experts in the Company are surveyed. Moreover, AHP method is applied in order to obtain the importance of any factors. We consider and choose the important criteria are as follows: Information technology, Relationship, Operation performance, Capabilities and Service. The rank of top five most important sub criteria are as follows: Transportation safely, Accuracy Data, Easy to work with, Data securities and Expertise. Finally, summarize the result and suggestions for the company. Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Logistics outsourcing; 3PL, Decision-Making Model
分層分析法, 物流外包, 第三方物流, 決策制定模型, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Logistics outsourcing, Third-party Logistics, Decision-Making Model