ADDIE模式融入英語繪本閱讀教學對低成就高職學生閱讀態度之影響研究 The Effects of Integrating ADDIE Model into the Instruction of English Picture Book Reading on Reading Attitude of Vocational High School Low Achievers

Wan, Xuan-You
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  本研究旨在探討ADDIE模式融入英語繪本閱讀教學對高職一年級低成就學生閱讀態度之成效。本研究採混合式研究方法設計,以花蓮縣某公立高職一年級的兩班低成就學生為研究對象。實驗組三十人,進行ADDIE模式融入英語繪本閱讀教學。控制組二十九人,進行一般傳統教學。實驗教學為期八週,共計十六節課。兩組學生於實驗前後分別施測「高職生英語閱讀態度評量表」以作為前後測的成績。在實驗結束後,由實驗組隨機挑選六位學生進行深度訪談。   研究結果顯示: 一、實驗組學生於教學實驗後,在閱讀態度的四個層面達顯著差異。 二、教學實驗對實驗組學生閱讀態度的四個層面有正向影響。第一,實用層面上,實驗組學生的生活及學習出現正向改變;第二,發展層面上,實驗組學生的自我概念及對他者的看法出現正向發展;第三,樂趣層面上,實驗組學生的好奇心及想像力被正向激發;第四,逃避層面上,實驗組學生的休閒活動及脫離煩悶方法產生正向變化。 最後,研究者根據研究結果提出以下建議: 一、教師應提升英語繪本閱讀教學能力,並有效運用英語繪本閱讀之教學策略。 二、學校應充實英語繪本資源,並將英語繪本閱讀納入學校課程。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of integrating ADDIE model into the instruction of English picture book reading on reading attitude of vocational high school low achievers. Mixed-methods approach was adopted in the study. The participants were two classes of tenth-grade low achievers from a national vocational high school in Hualien. Thirty students in the experimental group were taught with English picture book reading instruction designed through ADDIE model, while twenty-nine students in the control group were taught with grammar-translation instruction. The program lasted eight weeks including sixteen lessons in each group. All the participants completed the Reading Attitude Questionnaires before and after the teaching experiment. Six students from the experimental group were selected randomly to do the interviews after the teaching experiment. The results of this study were: 1. There were significant differences between experimental group students and control group students in four aspects of reading attitude. 2. Students from the experimental group were affected positively in four aspects of reading attitude. Based on the results of the study, the recommendations for teachers and schools were proposed as the following: 1. Teachers should improve teaching skills in English picture book reading, applying relevant strategies to their teaching effectively. 2. Schools should enrich the resources of English picture books, integrating them into school courses.
閱讀態度, 英語繪本閱讀教學, 低成就學生, ADDIE模式, reading attitude, English picture book reading instruction, low achiever, ADDIE model