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The purpose of the study was to understand the training and management modes on the basketball team of New Taipei Municipal Taishan Senior High School (TSSH), the HBL's traditional power. Research methods included in-depth interviews and field research. To be specific, the present study aimed at analyzing the operation mechanism of TSSH’s relevant organizations, in order to understand the training modes on its basketball players and the coach's technical and physical guidance based on the development course of TSSH’s basketball team from the 80th to 109th academic year. Research results were compiled and analyzed to make conclusions and suggestions, so as toprovide domestic basketball teams at all levels as a reference. The findings of the study were summarized as follows: 1. Established in the 80th academic year, TSSH’s basketball team was able to effectively integrate the professionalization and specialization of coaching, formulate a periodical training suitable for the basketball players, and monitor the training intensity as well as adjust the training content, which was the main key to achieving its excellent results; 2. Having comprehensive resources, TSSH’s basketball team attracted several new players from everywhere to join, and all the coaches actively recruited a lot of elite players in Taiwan every year, which made the basketball team more competitive than others; 3. Regarding its life management, TSSH’s basketball team could effectively formulate rules to maintain its discipline and provide the players with psychological counseling and mental support in their lives outside the basketball court, which helped the players face their training more positively; 4. Pertaining to its operation and management, TSSH’s basketball team was able to maintain sufficient funds not only with the support of the school administrative organization but also with a great deal of patronage from external sponsors.



HBL, 運動代表隊, 經營策略, 冠軍, HBL, Sports team, Management strategies, Championship