The Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment between Perceived Supervisor Support and Turnover Intention on High-Tech Industry in Taiwan

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The phenomenon of employee turnover around the world is nothing new, and despite many studies aimed at finding the root causes, it is still a huge challenge. However, its incidence varies by regions and by industries. Over the years, the high turnover rate in Taiwan's high-tech industry has been considered an important issue. Therefore, the aim of the study was to exemplify how perceived supervisor support in high-tech industry influence one’s intention to leave, focusing on the mediating effect of organizational commitment. In total, 252 valid responses from fulltime employees were collected and analyzed with IBM SPSS 23 software. Results indicated that perceived supervisor support has a negatively significant relationship with turnover intention. Moreover, organizational commitment did partially mediate the relationship between perceived supervisor support and turnover intention. This finding shows that supervisors who give employee support can reduce their intention to leave the organization.



none, perceived supervisor support, organizational commitment, turnover intention