The development of a 3D visualization tool on the topic of cold front

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Lin, M. C.
Chang, C. Y.

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This paper presents the development of a Virtual Environmental learning interface on the topic cold front. Due to limited class time and tight course schedule, teachers are usually bound to providing students with 'instant knowledge' that is constructed and disseminated by professional scientific research. Therefore, students often think inactively and learn passively, resulting in their less retention of knowledge in secondary schools in Taiwan. With the design of a visualization 3D tool proposed by the study, learners will better understand the temperature distribution by measuring and simulating temperature parameters in a 3D/VR environment on their own. They will also be provided with greater opportunities to realize that a cold front is defined as the transition zone where a cold air mass is replacing a warm air mass in a 3D sense. The rationale behind the development this type of system is to show that the learning process should emphasize a model that is created by students themselves instead of by teachers' displaying and students' memorizing.