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The number of Facebook’s users in Taiwan has been increased rapidly. To November 15th in 2011, there has been 11,163,900 people registered Facebook. The purpose of the study was to 1) know the current usage of Facebook’s users, 2) discuss if the milieu of different users may lead to various interactions and leisure benefits, and further 3) investigate the differences and relations between interaction and leisure benefits. The study conducted the snowball sampling survey and collected questionnaires with 1,212 valid. The study conducted analyses on SPSS, presenting the descriptive statistics, one-way ANOVA, t test, and Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient to discuss the results. The results were as follows: 1) The 21 to 30 year-old single female elites (with the diploma of colleges or the above, working in the service industry) living in Northern Taiwan were shown as the predominant groups of Facebook’s users; in addition, most of them surfed the Internet every day to get information online, and logged in Facebook for 121 to 140 minutes each time. 2) Users on Facebook mainly appealed for getting Feedback in terms of interactivity and for keeping social contact in terms of leisure benefits. 3) Users with different gender, age, education background, occupation, marital status, residency, log-in period may share different knowledge to the interactivity on Facebook and leisure benefits. 4) Theinteraction and leisure benefits were positively related. Therefore, we found that the users of social network service were mainly young adults of different ideology. To sum up, the study expected to help the proprietor/founder of Facebook provide users with other more functions in terms of interactions, interrelationship, and leisure benefits.



Facebook, 互動性, 休閒效益, Facebook, Interaction, Leisure Benefits