From zero to hero-潛水教練的養成與生活

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本研究以自我民族誌探討潛水教練的養成與生活,以三個階段勾勒出一位潛水素人成為潛水教練的生命旅途。 第一階段:潛進內太空。不小心闖入臺灣綠島成為潛水學徒,展開我的潛水人生-開放水域潛水員。正以為拜得潛水大師之際,我卻落荒而逃。遺憾造就我更堅強的決心,走訪五湖四海後,落腳墾丁大光,初次見識到潛水部落的繁榮鼎盛,這邊的師傅傳授PADI的武功秘笈予我,潛水功力升級-進階開放水域潛水員。師傅告訴我在世界各地都有這個門派的分支,成為潛水師傅後能到遙遠的神秘島生活。 第二階段:邁向專業之路。傳聞潛水的英雄好漢在印尼巴厘島雲集,我背負行囊搭乘神鷹前往取經,親身蒞臨盛大的潛水派對。巴厘島果然潛水風氣鼎盛,潛水會館林立,龐大規模我前所未見,在正式習得武功前,要先練金鐘罩與鐵布衫-緊急第一反應員和救援潛水員。在76天中,必須跟隨來自美國的布萊恩師傅,他會安排不同的關卡和試煉,等待我一一去突破,修成正果後,門派會給予名號,我正式成為-潛水長351494。 第三階段:奮勇蛻變的菜鳥教練。回到墾丁的大光國,掌門人說要學會所有的套路才能成為師傅,習慣潛水會館的生活,對潛水部落感到水土不服,一想起師兄講述神秘島的生活,我就咬牙堅持下去,不斷思索水土不服的原因之後,有了新的體悟跟領會。
This is an autoethnograph of scuba diving instructor’s training life. I depict my life experience by three stages of four periods. Stage one: I was an apprentice of a dive shop in Green Island, Taiwan. At first, I really want to learn dive by daily life, but the manager/owner assign me to deal with the chores. After getting open water diver ceteificate, I suppose to join the dive team with others, eventually, I still face the boring chores, thus, I dicide to leave. One day, “Taiwan Diving Center” hosts a speech aim to potential diving candidates, through the event I can understand how to become a diving instructor. I go to enroll my advanced open water diver certificatein at TDC located in Kenting. I encounter the dive business at that time. I hope to join the dive community and work around the world by scuba diving. Stage two: I take the divemaster internship in Bali, Indinesia. They run the dive business like an enterprise, administering six departments - sales& marketing, reservation, accounts, human resources, diving training, and equipment & support. In Blue Season Bali, the only things I should do is focusing on training, therefore, I can cultivate my professional ability. Producing a divemaster rely on the interaction of me between buddy, internship manager, dive team, diving center & PADI, customers, and natural environment. I conduct both macro and micro view to discourse my training life experience. Completing the training I officially becomea divemaster of No. 351494. Stage three: I back to TDC’s embracement, and I decide to join the Instructor Development Courses acronym IDC. The purpose of joining the IDC is not only conduct my research, but also prepare to my carrer after graduating from graduated school. The words from my heart, the IDC feeklike cram school, I need to teach like PADI professional, in the other words, I must follow PADI’s rule, therefore, I could pass the exam, then become an instructor. All in all, PADI has been able to succeed in global development, because it is able to do localize, relatively, a qualify diving instructor can pass the world without obstcles, the key point is the ability to adapt to the culture, in the other words, the real secreat is span-cultural management.



水肺潛水, 開放水域水肺潛水教練, PADI, 跨文化管理, 自我民族誌, scuba diving, open water scuba diving instructor, PADI, span-culture management, autoethnography