Polya 啟發術教學策略對工程問題解決行動研究

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本研究擬將 Polya 啟發術教學策略融入工程研發問題處理,探討如何藉由 Polya 啟發術教學策略,透過實際研發工程程序,為 Polya 啟發術問題解決方法注入新活水。 本研究將原本數學與數學教學領域討論的問題解決理論與本人研究所習得創造力理論做一延伸分析,使 Polya 啟發術問題解決理論為創造力歷程一個有效技法。透過行動研究結果發現,藉由 Polya 啟發術教學策略所引導的受試者,對於問題分析與問題解決能力,相較未參與教學策略活動之下有顯著改變,其對於聚斂性思考與擴散性思考問題處理能力有著明顯提升。 Polya 啟發術教學策略,除解決聚斂性問題之外,透過類推與應用可以增加擴散性問題思考進而增進相關工作領域的創造力。此外,經由多次問題解決提示與技巧內化練習,可增加問題解決經驗於實際工作環境,進而增進專業信心與能力。
This study intends to integrate the problem-solving solution of Polya into the research and development of engineering, to explore how to improve the research and innovation through the Polya. Inject new vigor to the Polya's problem-solving methd by the real case study. In this study, we will make an extension analysis of the problem-solving theory discussed in the field of mathematics, mathematics teaching and the theory of author's acquisition of creativity. So that Polya's problem-solving theory is an effective technique for action research. The result shows that subjects who were led by Polya's teaching activities improved their ability to analyze and solve problems at work, compared with those that had not previously participated in teaching strategies. Polya's theory of problem-solving, in addition to solving the convergence problem, through analogy can increase the divergence problem thinking and improve the relevant work areas of technical creativity. In addition, through problem-solving tips and exercises can be internalized in the work to improve the problem-solving ability.



Polya 啟發術, 問題解決, 創造力, Polya Heuristics, Problem Solving, Creativity