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Objective: To explore the impact of the WSBL Women's Super Basketball League draft system on future development. Taiwan is a semi-professional women's basketball league consisting of four teams, including Cathay Life Insurance, Taiyuan, China Telecom, and Taipower. At the level of basketball leagues, after the transition from amateur to semi-professional, players are unstable about their unplanned career plans. In order to cultivate women's basketball talents, the Basketball Association balances the strength of each team's competition, promotes healthy competition among teams, and strengthens player exchanges between teams. To improve the technical level of women's basketball, the draft system will be implemented this year. Will the players' wishes and future development be affected, and what kind of system is suitable for Taiwan? This is the main purpose of this study. Method: The research object of this study is to interview the draft players and professional team coaches as well as relevant personnel and data of the Republic of China Basketball Association to develop the influence of the WSBL draft system on women's basketball. It is hoped that it can help domestic women's basketball to flourish. Sustainable development. Result: The draft system has salary guarantees, players are more protected, and it also makes people with basketball dreams go further through the draft. The draft system has reserved places for the first two years. Will the team continue to have schools for cooperation with education and the future? It remains to be seen whether the regiment's willingness to invest in the construction and education cooperation has mutual influence.



WSBL, 女子籃球, 選秀制度, 生涯規劃, WSBL, women's basketball, draft system, career planning