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To solve the problem of image recognition, which requires plenty of computation time by software, we present a hardware implementation approach of SIFT recognition algorithm to achieve the goal of real time execution, through the use of offline calculation of the Gaussian kernel by software, a mathematical derivation to calculate inverse matrix without using any divisors, realization of image pyramid in parallel, etc. As a result, the system performs well in reducing a number of logic units required and the system frequency is significantly increased. In addition, the CORDIC algorithm is employed to implement not only mathematical functions such as trigonometric functions and square root computation, but also an image gradient histogram successfully by hardware. Consequently, the dominant orientation detection and key point descriptors can be implemented by image gradient histogram. To develop an applicable system, the first step is to apply the software and hardware co-design approach to accelerate functional modules and subsequenty implement the entire system in pure hardware. Besides, the structure of all modules is based on pipeline design. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed approach has significantly reduced computation time required and efficiently increased maximum system frequency. Most importantly, the execution speed has achieved real time computation for practical applications.



影像辨識, 影像特徵提取, SIFT演算法, FPGA, Image recognition, Image keypoint extracting, SIFT algorithm, FPGA