A comparative study on post-class lecture video viewing.

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The objective of this study was to compare students’ willingness and viewing behaviour on using taped lecture videos for their studies after class. The lecture video was taped from one section and made available to both sections of the same course. Although both sections of the same course were taught by the same instructor, students in one section could view lecture videos that were familiar to them in terms of learning contents and classroom settings, while students in the other section were viewing lecture videos that were only familiar to them in terms of learning contents. Data including course website usage statistics, student questionnaires, student interviews, and course instructor interviews was collected and analyzed. The study yielded two main results: (1) Students were more willing to use the taped class lectures for the purpose of reviewing if the lecture videos were captured from their own section; (2) Those students that had higher application-specific self-efficacy were more inclined to use the taped lecture videos for reviewing purpose.