Efficient Light Harvesting by Photon Downconversion and Light Trapping in Hybrid ZnS Nanoparticles/Si Nanotips Solar Cells

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C.-Y. Huang
D.-Y. Wang
C.-H. Wang
Y.-T. Chen
Y.-T. Wang
Y.-T. Jiang
Y.-J. Yang
Chia-Chun Chen
Y.-F. Chen

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American Chemical Society


A hybrid colloidal ZnS nanoparticles/Si nanotips p−n active layer has been demonstrated to have promising potential for efficient solar spectrum utilization in crystalline silicon-based solar cells. The hybrid solar cell shows an enhancement of 20% in the short-circuit current and approximately 10% in power conversion efficiency compared to its counterpart without integrating ZnS nanoparticles. The enhancement has been investigated by external quantum efficiency, photoluminescence excitation spectrum, photoluminescence, and reflectance to distinct the role of ZnS quantum dots for light harvesting. It is concluded that ZnS nanoparticles not only act as frequency downconversion centers in the ultraviolet region but also serve as antireflection coating for light trapping in the measured spectral regime. Our approach is ready to be extended to many other material systems for the creation of highly efficient photovoltaic devices.