Yahoo奇摩跨入垂直式入口網站可能性之研究 –以汽車類別為例

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對於入口網站經營者而言,如何留住強勢族群並且創造網頁流量才能吸引更多廣告主投入廣告,而垂直式入口網站則是本研究的主要方向,以 Yahoo 奇摩汽車頻道為研究個案,評估是否符合垂直式入口網站 (Vortal) 之4C要素,並以ComScore 資料庫及次級資料進行分析社群網站、入口網站首頁及汽車類別垂直式網站之顯著強勢族群,並且再定義出新的強勢族群。 本研究以探討Yahoo 奇摩汽車頻道跨入垂直式入口網站的可能性為研究主題,研究方法及研究結果並可套用至其他Yahoo 奇摩服務及頻道,例如電商、新聞、TV 等頻道,深度分析族群分佈,觀察強勢族群脈絡,做為未來是否要將其服務頻道集中火力經營,並強化內容行銷跨入垂直式入口網站領域,進而擬定行銷策略,亦可提供給其他入口網站經營者參考。
For the portal site operators, how to retain the strong segments and create web traffic to attract more advertisers to invest in advertising, and vertical portal is the main direction of the study to Yahoo! Kimo Autos channel as a case, to assess whether Vortal 4C elements, and base on ComScore database and secondary data analysis of social networking sites, portal homepage and car category vertical site of the significant strong segments, then define new strong segments. This study is to explore the possibility of Yahoo! Kimo Autos channel entry into the vertical portal website. The research methods and research results can be applied to other Yahoo service and channels such as e- commerce, news, TV and other channels. Distribution and observe the strong segments, as the future whether to focus on service channel management, and strengthen the content into the vertical marketing portal areas, and then develop marketing strategies, can also be provided to other portal site operators reference.



垂直式入口網站, 黏著度, 群眾文化, 內容行銷, Vortal, Stickiness, Crowdculture, Content Marketing