An Emerging Research Topic: Digital Workplace

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Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU


數位職場(digital workplace)是一個重要的研究議題,研究者和實務工作者對於此概念仍十分分歧,未來數位工作場所將結合數位科學進行資訊實踐的參與合作,融合虛實資訊創造、保存、修復、傳遞、交流和取用的素養,數位科技和實體空間緊密結合,形塑為跨越時間空間的摩登數位(digimodernism)的多重交流時代。在社會與技術進化的複雜過程中,將結合理論和實務研究以探析資訊經驗、勞動和動態活動的模式,包括機構發展新工具設施來延伸工作、組織動力改變(壓力、合作、生產力、年齡等),在變動的資訊環境進程中,未來的工作者都需要錘鍊新數位技能和資訊經驗。本文報導歐洲職場資訊網絡(European Network for Workplace Information,ENWI)2015 年會議中的三個主題:職場資訊實踐、數位科學的資訊挑戰和我在這裡工作:跨管道、混合空間,以及摩登數位的挑戰,介紹學術傳播模式,作為瞭解職場數位職場和數位圖書館永續經營的研究參考。
Digital workplace is a critical research topic that is conceptualized differently among researchers and practitioners. In the future, digital workplaces will be combined with digital sciences to implement information‐related practices and cooperation, as well as develop an integrated literacy in creating, preserving, restoring, transmitting, exchanging, and accessing virtual and physical data. Moreover, digital technology and physical spaces will be closely connected to shape a digimodernist era of multiple exchanges that transcends time and space. Theoretical and practical studies will be incorporated to explore the models of information experience, labor, and dynamic activities in the complex process of social and technological evolution. These models include how institutions develop new tools or facilities to extend work and alter organizational dynamics (e.g., stress, cooperation, productivity, and age). In the course of a changing information environment, future workers will have to equip themselves with new digital skills and information experiences. This paper reports three articles from a workshop organized by the European Network for Work Information (ENWI) 2015: Workplace Information Practice(WIP), Information Challenges of Digital Science, and I work here: Cross‐channel, blended spaces, and the challenges of digimodernism. These articles are concerning theoretical frameworks for studying digital workplace. This paper presents an overview of scientific communication models and research in connection to digital workplace and Sustainability of Digital Libraries.