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dc.contributor.authorPi-Hsuan Chiangen_US
dc.description.abstract隨著時代的進步,運動科學的介入使的訓練與比賽不再單純,運動科學同時也是競技運動成功發展不可或缺的要素之一。希望在一場賽事獲得佳績必定要經過縝密的計畫:事前謹慎的分析、訂定完善的訓練計畫、確實執行訓練計畫內容,每一件事都是環環相扣的,看似容易但事情瑣碎雜亂無章。 本報告以江璧璇選手參加96年全國運動會女子個人全能項目比賽為例,將訓練與比賽過程與結果進行紀錄與分析,希望能從中找出優缺點,作為往後教練選手訓練的參考。以下各章節之重點介紹: 第壹章個案描述:江璧璇選手六歲開始練體操,經由各階段教練隨競賽年齡規畫訓練內容,可看出競技成績的進步。第貳章學理基礎:競技體操選手的主要能量來源為磷化物系統及乳酸系統,因此體能訓練部分提高人體內的肌肉量,對於體操選手將更為有利。在心理技能屬性方面,女子體操中的跳馬、高低槓、平衡木、地板四個項目皆有明顯的開始與結束,且持續時間相對短暫、並帶有一定的爆發性,在技術分類是屬於非連續性、閉索性、內在的運動項目。體能訓練部分除了100公尺短距離衝刺與400公尺耐力跑維持體操項目非週期性爆發力的一般體能之外,並且發展柔軟度、協調性、肌力、速度等專項體能提高運動技術水平。心理訓練部分則包括自我暗示、放鬆訓練、意象訓練、模擬訓練等。技術訓練部分則包含了單動作、架子套、成套及超成套等訓練方法。第参章訓練及參賽計畫:安排訓練計畫前針對訓練特殊性及內外部環境S.W.O.T分析後擬定,本訓練計畫是以雙峰週期劃分,透過定期的體能、心理、技術檢測後調整下一階段的訓練內容。第二週期訓練內容規劃如下:體能部分提升專項體能如肌力。心理部分增強求勝意願。技術部份則須加強整套穩定性。在參賽計畫安排上從主要比賽(96年全國運動會)出發至結束時間共七天,期間安排了一天架子套訓練、一天成套訓練、一天模擬比賽訓練、一天調整訓練、三天比賽。第肆章訓練及參賽成果與建議:經由第一周期的比賽結果調整套動作內容後,在主要比賽(96年全國運動會)獲得冠軍達到目標設定。建議:選拔部分協會應儘早確定年度行事曆,將選拔與比賽日期確定。訓練部分應慎選並規劃年度賽事。參賽部份應提升國內教練選手及裁判的視野水平,邁向國際化。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAs time advances, Athletes Science evolves and complicates both training and contest; Athletes Science also is one of the key successful developing factors for competition athletes. Pre-contest cautious analysis, setting up comprehensive training plan, and executing plan contents are all linked together. Though these links look easy but they cover numerous matters. This research based on Pi-Hsuan Jiang’s personal performance from Woman’s All Around Gymnastic Competitions in National Athletes Competitions 2007. Research documents and analyzes process and result of the training and competitions. Chapter One: Individual targeting case description. This research uses an example from gymnast Jiang whom started her training from age six. Through various stage coaches, based on different age-classes competition, Jiang has received planned training programs. Performance progresses can be clearly observed and seen.Chapter Two: Theories foundation.Competition gymnast’s key body energy comes from phosphide and acidophilus (lactic acid) systems. The energy dynamic training highlighting body muscle building will definitely be beneficial to gymnastic. On psychological category, we note that woman gymnastic’s 4 categories: uneven bars, balance beam, floor and horse all have obvious starting and ending point, relative short action timing, and with certain degree of thrust. These characteristics are technically “non-consistency”, “closed nature” sport items. Physical training other than 100M short-distance thrust training and 400M stamina training to maintain the gymnastic generic body form, the training must also develop special trainings to cover softness, coordinateness, muscle power, and speed, etc., to elevate body form and technical ability. Psychological area training, at the same time, will include autosuggestion training, relaxation training, imagination training, simulation training, etc.. Skill training, at the last, will include single movement, frame-work training, set training, and super set training.Chapter Three: Training and competition planning.Prior to making a specific training plan, the chapter discusses campaign characteristics, inner and outer environment. SWOT skill is used to analyze those various campaign factors. Twin Peak Cycle is the key training structure. First Peak will be via regular diagnoses of physical form, mental status, technical test to identify areas for the second Peak training plan. The 2nd training cycle will then focus on selective body form enhancement such as muscle strength. Mental training will be seeking fortified winning willingness. Technical parts will spot-lighting on full set performance stability. On competition plan arrangement, this research, targeting on 2007 National Athletes Competitions, suggests 7-day plan including 1-day frame-work training, 1-day full set training, 1-day simulation training, 1-day adjustment training, and, 3-day competitions.Chapter Four: Result and Suggestions from Training& Competitions.Through executing the Training & Competition Planning, the training goal of winning the Gold Medals of the primary competitions (2007 National Athletes Competitions) was smoothly achieved. The report suggests the Association can further advance the pre-competition selections on a full year basis, thus to finalize and fixing both the selection date and competition date. On the training part, the Report suggests to be more selective in annual competitions participating. On the competition part, the Report suggests that the we shall continue to put overall enhancement efforts in globalization of coaches, gymnasts, and referees.en_US
dc.subjectTechnical Reporten_US
dc.subjectArtistic Gymnasticsen_US
dc.titlePi-Hsuan Chiang’s All-Around Gymnastic Performance in the National Athletes Competition 2007 - A Gymnastics Technical Reporten_US


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