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Title: 翻譯與性別錯置—論<<荒人手記>>及其英譯本中的模仿問題
Translation and Gender Displacement: On Mimesis in the Original Text and Translated Work of Notes of a Desolate Man
Authors: 李奭學
Sher-shiueh Li
Yen-hui Li
Keywords: 性別
Chu T’ien-wen
Notes of a Desolate Man
feminine writing
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本論文旨在以<<荒人手記>>中文原作及英文譯作為本,討論性別、翻譯與模仿之議題。論文主要分為五大章節。第一章簡述研究動機、<<荒人手記>>作品本身與作者朱天文,解釋模仿的概念,並提出性別與翻譯結合的重要之處。第二章探討<<荒人手記>>形式與寫作者身份的逾越,結合性別理論與翻譯理論,檢視小說文本的反串。第三章接續第二章,以<<荒人手記>>英譯本Notes of a Desolate Man為討論對象,以賽門(Sherry Simon)等女性主義翻譯理論家所提之理論及同志理論,審視譯者是否如實傳達小說中的性別意涵。第四章以神似與形似為主,分析小說中「同志」一詞與顏色的翻譯。第五章則為結論,針對和性別議題有關的翻譯提出一些建議。
This thesis aims at discussing the issues of gender, translation and mimesis based on the original text and translated work of Notes of a desolate Man. It is divided into five chapters. Chapter One includes a general statement of the motivations of this thesis, a brief introduction to the original text of Notes of a Desolate Man and its author and the concept of mimesis, a description of the importance of combining gender issues with translation. Chapter Two explores the transgression of the style and the writer herself. I attempt to combine gender theories with translation theories and evaluate the cross-dressing behavior in the text. Chapter Three extends the discussion of Chapter Two. This Chapter focuses on the translated version of Notes of a Desolate Man. I employ different feminist translation theories and queer theories, such as the theory of Sherry Simon, to examine whether the two translators successfully interpret the gender connotations in the original text. In Chapter Four, I analyze the translation of “tongzi” (同志)and colors in the translated work based on the discussion of the similarity in form and fidelity in spirit. Chapter Five is the conclusion. In this chapter, I come up with further suggestions on translation projects which involve gender issues.
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