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Title: 翻譯瑪利亞:《思高聖經》瑪利亞的詮釋初探
Translating Mary: A Preliminary Study of the Marian Passages in the Chinese Catholic Bible
Authors: 胡宗文
Hu, Daniel
Lin, Li-Han
Keywords: 聖經翻譯
Bible Translation
Interpretation of the Bible
Chinese Bible
Chinese Catholic Bible (Si-Gao Bible
Studium Biblicum Version)
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本論文初探《思高聖經》中與耶穌的母親瑪利亞相關的經文片段,透過文本分析呈現《思高聖經》中的瑪利亞思想與聖經詮釋學。論文的分析聚焦於《思高聖經》新約的正附文本,即經文正文和與之相關的序文、聖經註釋、附錄等。研究顯示,《思高聖經》每每壓抑聖經中各書卷寫作者的書寫意圖,並將後代發展出的瑪利亞思想讀入聖經文本,以此呈現出傳統保守的瑪利亞形象。不過,《思高聖經》仍採納部分現代考證學方法,以之發掘聖經寫作者的原始書寫意圖。從思高聖經1946年到1961年完成的早期十一大部聖經譯釋本,到1968修訂重出的單一合訂本,也呈現出詮釋學立場的微幅調整。以上總總《思高聖經》翻譯與詮釋的特色,顯示其過渡特質,這一特質與近代天主教會的聖經詮釋學發展歷史密切相關。本論文結尾肯定《思高聖經》的歷史意義,期待未來能有更多與之相關的文本研究,也主張《思高聖經》已來到亟需進一步修訂的時間點。
This thesis is a preliminary study of the Bible verses related to Mary, mother of Jesus, in the Chinese Catholic Bible. The goal of this thesis is to present the biblical interpretation of the Chinese Catholic Bible by analyzing its Marian thoughts. This study examines the text and paratext of the Chinese Catholic Bible’s New Testament, that is, the scriptural translations as well as the related prefaces, annotations, appendixes and others. After an in-depth analysis, this thesis discovers that the Chinese Catholic Bible generally presents the traditionally conservative image of the Virgin Mary through the kind of biblical interpretation that suppresses the original intentions of the human authors of the Bible and forces the later-developed Marian thoughts to be read back into the previously-written Scriptures. Nevertheless, the Chinese Catholic Bible has partially accepted the modern historical-critical methods to investigate the authentic voices of the biblical human authors, and has slightly switched its interpretational stance between the primary eleven volumes of Bible published from 1946 to 1961, and the revised single-volume Bible published in 1968. These traits of the Chinese Catholic Bible betray its transitional character, which is greatly related to the development of Catholic biblical interpretation throughout history. This thesis concludes that the Chinese Catholic Bible’s translation has great historical value and deserves to be studied more closely. Still, it insists that revision of this translation is an urgent need.
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