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Title: 文化詞彙之英譯分析研究:以孫子兵法為例
Translating Cultural-Specific Items: Sun Tzu's The Art of War as a Case Study
Authors: 胡宗文
Hu, Daniel
Lee, Clara Mae
Keywords: 孫子
Sun Tzu
The Art of War
culture-specific items
translation strategies
source-language and target-language orientation
Mona Baker
Peter Newmark
Jean-Paul Vinay& Jean Darbelnet
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 在翻譯學領域中,關於文化詞彙的探討文獻很多,其實語言與文化兩者之間有緊密的關聯性,兩者會互相影響,而在翻譯時,文化更是影響譯文的一大關鍵。在翻譯理論中,通常採取兩種不同的理論來翻譯,第一種方式是原文取向,主要目的是在譯文中把原文的文化詞彙完整地表達出來,並能保存原文的文化特色與意涵;至於第二種方式,則是適度地轉換原文的文化詞彙,選擇譯文文化中可與之對應的詞彙來翻譯原文。這兩種理論是由一位德國哲學家Friedrich Schleiermacher所提出的。 因為在翻譯領域中,譯者常會遭遇的問題之一,便是如何翻譯文化詞彙,因此本研究主要是以孫子兵法為分析文本,期待能找出較適合的翻譯策略,來翻譯孫子兵法中所出現的文化詞彙。此外,除了找出適合的翻譯策略以外,也會比較不同譯者的譯文,分析其他譯者在翻譯孫子兵法時,如何選擇翻譯策略來處理文化詞彙,說明文化的差別性。 本研究使用Peter Newmark、Elaine Espindola和Maria Lúcia Vasconcellos所提出的文化詞彙類別理論作為分析架構,以找出孫子兵法中,具文化特色的詞彙,來進行比較、分析。接下來,用Jean-Paul Vinay與Jean Darbelnet的七種翻譯策略,以及Mona Baker的省略策略來分析,以了解各譯者傾向使用哪些策略來翻譯孫子兵法中的文化詞彙。而本研究結果發現,每位譯者會使用不同的策略來翻譯文化詞彙,而譯者的文化背景、職業也會影響他們在翻譯文化詞彙時的取向。
In Translation Studies, many studies and articles have been written on the topic of translating cultural-specific items. Bilinguals, polyglots, and anyone interested in culture or language will realize that language and culture are interconnected. The cultural influences in language are ever present and have a big impact in terms of Translation Studies. In Translation Studies, there is generally a two-sided approach when it comes to translating cultural-specific items (CSI). The first approach is source-language orientation, in which the primary objective is to convey the source text’s CSI and other aspects into the target text. Target-language orientation takes the opposite approach, in which the goal is to have the CSI conform to the target text. This general concept was established by the German theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher. This thesis covers various strategies, and using these Translation Studies strategies to analyze CSI present in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, in hopes of finding the best method to translate CSI. Since one of the main difficulties a translator faces are culture-specific items, this study aims to discover possible solutions to help resolve the CSI issue while translating. Besides finding strategies to deal with CSI, this research will also focus on how three well established translators handle the CSI situation. The methods that will be used are explained below. First, the researcher will utilize a hybrid of Peter Newmark and Elaine Espindola and Maria Lúcia Vasconcellos categorization strategies to categorize and organize the discovered cultural-specific items found within the Chinese version of The Art of War. Next, after organizing the CSIs into categories, the researcher will proceed to then distinguish if the three English translators utilized any of Jean-Paul Vinay and Jean Darbelnet’s seven translation procedures and Monica Baker’s omission. In terms of the main findings, this research has discovered that each translator interprets CSI differently. Thus, depending on the translator’s interpretation, background and career as a translator, they will select a certain strategy.
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