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Title: 快捷包裹投遞區段整合及群組化運用於中華郵政發展物流之研究以三重地區為例
A study on the Synergy of Integrating and Grouping of the Parcel and Express Mail Delivery Zones in Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. A Case for the Delivery Subsection in Sanchung District
Authors: 周德瑋
Chou, De-Wai
Chien, Chia-Wang
Keywords: 電子商務
Electronic commerce
Chunhua post
Fast packet
Inverted pyramid theory
Flexble working hours
SWOT analysis
Five-force analysis
Logistics theory
Proper rate
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 由於「電子商務」的蓬勃發展,客戶不須再到商店現場看著實實在在的貨物直接面對面交易,只須透過線上作業進行買賣交易。藉著網際網路,透過網路上琳琅滿目的商品訊息、完善且迅速的物流配送系統以及方便安全的資訊金流結算系統來進行交易(買賣)之行為。中華郵政股份有限公司(以下簡稱郵局)因應環境的變遷,欲改變物流郵件的運送與投遞方式。郵局雖於92年改制為公司,惟仍受交通部管轄。體系上郵局目前還是「國營事業」。 郵局成立時的業務經營只有郵務(收受與遞送郵件),後來又陸續加入郵政儲金、匯兌和壽險。中華郵政在遞送郵件的同時,也加入「物流」之概念,本研究是以三重地區快捷投遞與包裹投遞區域整合及群組化為重點,因應三重地區的地理環境,整合快捷與包裹的投遞作業,且為配合郵局主管郵務業務部門之政策,結合「SWOT分析」、「五力分析」,研討「中華郵政發展物流之理論」、加上彈性工時策略,整合快捷與包裹郵件形成所謂「快包區」(快捷區與包裹區混合投遞)。加上夜間投遞危險性較白天投遞高,且一般上班工作之作息均以白天為主,因此,本研究以三重地區快包整合前與整合後之郵件妥投率數據為主,加上三重郵務股實際參與快包整合之投遞人員的深入訪談為輔。並結合股票投資理論「倒金字塔理論」,分析比較順勢引導出快包整合結果,並將此研究結果,提供郵局郵務投遞單位未來在因應中華郵政發展物流之整體策略與整合快捷和包裹郵件投遞區域時,有其參考依據,以提升工作效率,降低投遞同仁工作量負荷。
Thanks to the explosive booming in e-commerce, customers no longer conduct face-to-face transactions in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, modern transactions are carried out through the online display of billions of products, sound and rapid logistics, and secure online payment system. Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd, hereafter referred to as CHP, is striving to reform its delivery mechanism to adapt to the constantly changing commercial environment. Corporatized in 1992, CHP remains a state-owned company, under the supervision of MOTC (Ministry of Transportation and Communication). Apart from mail delivery and dispatch business, which has been operated since initial establishment, banking, remittance, insurance divisions came along afterwards.To streamline the delivery process, the science of “logistics” has been employed in postal delivery.This study, complying with the policy in CHP delivery division, deliberating on the logistics development, utilizing the analyses of “Five-Forces” and “SWOT”, highlights the synergy of integration of speedpost and parcel delivery zones, which is developed to fit the geographical environment in Sanchung district.Sanchung delivery subsection, which regularly operates in daytime to avoid the danger of night-delivery, empirically forms “mixed delivery zones” for two types of mail, speedpost and parcel. The study focuses on the quantitative research in the complete delivery rate before and after the integration of delivery zones implemented in the subsection, and consolidates the theory by the qualitative research gathered through profound interviews with individual mail deliverers who participated in this study. Referred to the “inverted pyramid theory” from stock market, the study case bears the fruit for the integration of the mixed delivery zones, expecting the outcome could be applied in CHP for future delivery optimization, boost the efficiency and lighten the workload.
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