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Title: 人格特質與多層次傳銷績效表現
Personality and Sales Performance in Multiple Level Marketing Segment
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shih-Yu
Wen, Hung-Yuan
Keywords: 多層次傳銷
Multiple Level Marketing
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 直銷係指銷售人員以面對面且在非固定場所之方式出售商品和提供服務,追溯最早的商業模式即賣方對買方的直接銷售行為。多層次傳銷(亦稱多層次直銷)是直銷行業為快速拓展直銷業務,讓自家公司的產品透過各個下線幹部分支或傳銷商銷售到消費者手中,根據公平交易委員會調查結果報告統計,2017年台灣多層次傳銷事業的市場營業總額約為886.19億元,呈現逐年成長的趨勢。意即台灣多層次傳銷市場經過30多年耕耘亦趨成熟且為大眾所接受並願意投入加以推廣。 本研究基於MBTI理論基礎,運用問卷調查並採用軟體SPSS進行數據資料統計分析(內容包括樞紐分析及變異數分析) ,並搭配訪談法,目的在於瞭解多層次傳銷事業從業人員的人格特質及探討人格特質對多層次傳銷績效的影響。 本研究結果顯示外向/直覺/感性/決斷這四種人格特質相較於內向/辨識/理性/熟思四種人格特質較多出現於多層次傳銷產業中。傳銷商經營的初期大多進行分享與銷售行為,所以與一般銷售人員多為外向樂於與人交談印象相符。且人格特質中具有直覺型特質者會與績效產生正相關,意即相信感覺正面思考的傳銷商不容易被他人異樣眼光或旁人質疑所動搖。進而能夠經營較長時間於多層次傳銷產業並獲得較高績效及成功。
Direct selling means to sell product or provide service face to face at non-fixed places by sales representative, it was the earliest business model from seller to buyer. Multiple level marketing ( or multiple direct selling) is sales representative to duplicate sales representative or franchise under their own organization for selling product to end user and expand business promptly. Based on the research report from Taiwan Fair Trade Committee, the market revenue of Taiwan multiple level marketing achieved NTD 88.619 billion in 2017, which was on the trend of growing. That means Taiwan multiple level marketing was getting matured and been accepted by public. This thesis is founded by MBTI theory with mass questionnaires, using SPSS for data analysis and being proved by interviews, to understand and get conclusion of personality and sales performance in multiple level marketing segment. Research results reveals Extravert/ Intuition/ Feeling/ Judging personalities are more often showing than Introverted/ Sensing/ Thinking/ Perceiving in multiple level marketing. That positively connects to normal impressions of sales representative who need to be more willing to make conversation and share. Furthermore, Intuition personality proves to be part of successfulness in multiple level marketing segment.
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