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Title: 成屋裝修之因素-以台北地區為例
The Factors of Housing Renovation-The Case of Taipei Area
Authors: 印永翔
Ying, Yung-Hsiang
Tsai, Te-Cheng
Keywords: 室內設計
interior design
interior decoration
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 時下臺灣經濟快速發展,國民生活水平提升,重視生活品質,對於住宅居住空間的設計與機能逐漸被重視,進而帶動室內設計與室內裝修業的蓬勃興起,此外;隨著科技發達與建築工法日異月新,建築物使用年限增加,新的設備需求以及建築物結構年限已到,老化損壞等等因素,迫使建築物透過室內設計及室內裝修巧手,改善老舊建築物的安全結構、生活機能並改造新的住宅空間使用需求,在這樣環境變遷下;國內室內設計和室內裝修工程相關行業,近幾年來如雨後春筍、蓬勃發展,在大環境競爭下,表現相對亮眼。 本研究目的在探討;成屋裝修時動機因素探討、成屋裝修時廠商選擇因素探討、成屋裝修時費用考量因素探討。深度訪談十五位訪談者,同時以相關文獻深入探討、研究、歸納、分析,得出研究結果如下: 1. 成屋裝修時動機因素探討。 本研究結果發現成屋裝修動機因素,以建築物建材機電設備老舊為首要考量要件、空間使用需求不符及空間大小改變次之、再則是室內空間視覺美觀、生活品質及成就感提升等等。 2. 成屋裝修時廠商選擇因素探討。 裝修廠商選擇管道中以已經認識建立良好口碑的廠商為主。依整個選擇順序;親朋好友推薦為優先考量、親戚執業次之、至於網路評價、廣告雜誌推薦等等則為最後考量,甚至不採用。 3. 成屋裝修時費用考量因素探討。 以本身經濟能力提撥合理預算達到需求功能性裝修為優先考量、注重建材機能性、實用性、耐用性,並且結合設計師的設計風格及自己喜愛的裝修風格、視覺美觀為主。 建議裝修廠商公開透明合理報價機制,認證優良的室內裝修廠商,提升國人對室內裝修知識,以確保室內裝修工程永續發展。
Nowadays, the economy of Taiwan is developing rapidly, the living standard is improving, and people pay more attention to life quality. The design and function of residential living space are getting more seriously concerned which drives the booming of interior design and interior decoration, In addition, owing to advances in technology and ever-changing of construction method, the service life of building increases, the demand of new equipment, the building structure has been reached the limit of life span, the ageing and damage of building and so on. All these factors force the improvement of safety structure for aged building, living function and transformation for living space through interior design and interior decoration. Under the above changing of condition, the industry of domestic interior design and interior decoration engineering have been sprout-up to flourish in recent years. Thus, the performance of this industry is outstanding in the condition of hyper competition. The purpose of this study is to explore the motivation factors in the renovation of existing houses, the factors of choosing manufacturers and the factors of cost consideration in the renovation of existing houses. Throughout in-depth interviews with fifteen interviewers, following by discussion, research, induction, and analysis with relevant literature reviews, the results are as follows: 1. Discussion on motivation factors in the renovation of existing houses The results of this study found that the motivation factors for building renovation as followings: the primary considerations are dated building materials, electrical and mechanical equipment. The second considerations are the space usage and space size cannot meet the requirements. Then the final considerations are the visual esthetics of interior space and the improvement of the life quality and increasing sense of accomplishment and so on. 2. Discussion on the selection factors of manufactures for building renovation. The company with good reputation is the main factor of choosing renovation manufactures. Thus, the whole selection order are as follows; the recommendation from relatives and friends is the priority consideration, the second is relative who is own the company; the online evaluation, the recommendation from advertising magazine is the least consideration, or not even adopting. 3. Discussion on the cost considerations for the renovation of existing houses With its own economic ability toallocate reasonable budget to meet the needs of functional decoration as a priority consideration, addressing functional, practical and durable of building materials, in conjunction with the designer's style, the preference of decoration style and visual esthetics. It is recommended that the decoration manufacturer set up an open and transparent quotation mechanism. and classify excellent interior decoration manufacturers, and to enhance the knowledge of interior decoration in order to ensure the continuous development of interior decoration industry.
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