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Title: 研析成衣企業創新之模式:以A個案公司為例
The Analysis on the Innovation of Garment Enterprise: A Case of Company A
Authors: 印永翔
Ying, Yung-Hsiang
Wu, Wen-Fa
Keywords: 成衣產業
apparel foundry industry
innovation strategy
case study
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 成衣產業曾是帶動台灣經濟發展之重要產業,然而商品流通打破疆界、資訊快速流動、技術日新月異以及勞力成本提高,造成成衣代工產業的競爭環境已愈來愈加嚴峻,有成為夕陽產業的隱憂。因此本研究應用Larry Keeley 等人(2016)所提之10個創新原點架構圖為基礎進行個案公司創新模式分析探討,希望透過深入訪談能更進一步確認個案公司之核心能力並協助公司進行創新活動與創新策略建議。 結果發現:1.成衣產業大多著力於配置導向、產品導向,較少體驗導向之創新策略;2.產業創新方向較偏向於管理(增值性)創新,屬於偏保守作法。因此建議成衣業者試圖採用激進式創新方式,賦予消費者與產品間之文化意義,例如1.利用設計力創新賦予產品連結生活品味;2.利用設計力創新使專業級產品可消費化。3.結合線上線下全方位購物通路之趨勢,打造品牌擁有者之商業系統。
Apparel foundry industry is an important industry to promote economic development in Taiwan. However, this industry faces tough challenge and has been considered as a sunset industry due to the less commodity circulation borders, the rapid information flow, the advancement of technology, and the increase in labor costs. Therefore, this study adoptes in-depth interviews and based on “ten types of innovation” proposed by Larry Keeley et al.(2016) to analyze the innovation model of the case company. It is expected that the core competence of the case company can be further confirmed and help to carry out innovation activities and make innovation strategies. The results show that: 1. Most of Taiwan’s apparel foundry industry focuses on configuration orientation, product orientation, and less experience-oriented innovation strategy; 2. The direction of innovation is more biased towards management (value-added) innovation, which is a conservative approach. Therefore, it is recommended that apparel foundry industry manufacturers try to adopt radical innovation to induced consumers and products with cultural meanings. For example, 1. Change by design innovation will link products and taste of life; 2. Change by design innovation will make professional products consumerizable (Prosumerization). 3. Combine the trends of online and offline called omni-channels to build a brand owner's business system.
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