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Title: 以科技接受模型探討金融資訊報價軟體之使用意願
A Study on Intention of Using Financial Quoting Software based on Technology Acceptance Model
Authors: 周世玉
Teng, Hsiao-Wei
Keywords: 金融資訊報價軟體
Financial quote software
perceived playfulness
Perceived ease of use
Perceived usefulness
Use attitude
Use intention
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 隨著科技越來越發達,現在人們可透過手機看金融資訊報價軟體隨時觀看股市市場變化,金融資訊報價軟體是一套可以免費使用的股市股票金融資訊報價軟體,提供台灣股市上櫃上市股票金融資訊。本研究以科技接受模型(Technology Acceptance Model, TAM)為基礎,對使用者對於金融資訊報價軟體使用行為概況做一調查與分析,此為本研究最主要研究動機。本研究從使用者端角度出發,探討使用者對於使用手機做為工具,使用手機金操作融資訊報價軟體之知覺易用、知覺有用之傾向,探究對使用者之使用態度,進一步探討使用態度對使用意願的影響。本研究彙整上述變數之相關文獻並做關聯性探討,針對國內使用者,以便利抽樣方式進行問券調查,共回收257份有效問卷,以SPSS統計軟體,進行樣本組成分析、敘述性統計、信度分析、效度分析、迴歸分析、T檢定及變異數分析等。分析後獲得結論如下:1、認知趣味性對使用態度有顯著的正向影響。2、認知易用性對使用態度有顯著的正向影響。3、認知有用性對使用態度有顯著的正向影響。4、使用影響態度對使用意願有顯著的正向影響。
With the development of technology, more and more people use mobile phone to obtain stock market information at any moment. Financial quote software is a useful tool for people to get information in the stock exchange market. This study applied Technology Acceptance Model to explore user behavior in using financial quote software. This study investigated the relationships among perceived playfulness, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, use attitude and use intention from the perspective of users. This study used a convenient sampling approach and there were 257 valid questionnaires returned through the data collection procedure. The statistic software SPSS was used to obtain descriptive statistics and perform reliability analysis, validity analysis, regression analysis, t test and ANOVA. We obtain the conclusions as follows: (1) perceived playfulness has a positive effect on use attitude; (2) perceived ease of use has a positive effect on use attitude; (3) perceived usefulness has a positive effect on use attitude; and, (4) use attitude has a positive effect on use intention. Related managerial implications are discussed in this article as well.
Other Identifiers: G0103590175
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