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Title: 探討消費者採用遠程視訊櫃員機(VTM)開立存款帳戶接受度研究
An Acceptance Study on Consumers’ Deposit Account Creating on Virtual Teller Machines
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Jung, Jin-Huei
Keywords: 遠程視訊櫃員機(VTM)
Virtual Teller Machine
deposit account creating
diffusion of innovation theory
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 為紓解日益增加的業務量,銀行亟思將簡易業務移轉至遠程視訊櫃員機(Virtual Teller Machine ,簡稱VTM),鼓勵顧客多使用VTM進行交易,取代顧客親至櫃檯的交易,已經成為藉以降低營運成本及有效拓展市場通路的利器之一。目前VTM的服務功能與作業流程正不斷地精進中,同時亦應用數位科技、生物辨識技術及身分認證機制。本研究回顧了自動櫃員機的創新應用與發展概況、銀行開戶模式分析及創新擴散理論等相關文獻,並以 Roger (1983) 創新擴散理論為基礎,運用焦點團體訪談,探討消費者採用「遠程視訊櫃員機(VTM)」開立存款帳戶之接受度,期能作為未來發展遠程視訊櫃員機(VTM)設計規劃與發展策略之參考建議。
To relieve the burden caused by rapidly increasing business volume, banks endeavor to encourage their customers to employ Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs) for transactions, instead of counter services. Using VTMs could become an effective way for banks to reduce operating costs and to expand market access. The continuous innovation and R&D on Virtual Teller Machines’ service functions, with sophisticated workflow and application of digital technology, biometrics and identity authentication mechanism, is calling researcher’s attention to explore if banks’ customers will abandon counter services and use VTMs. After reviewing the development of VTMs and related literature, mainly Roger’s (1983) diffusion of innovation theory, this study aims to explore customers’ acceptance on deposit account creating on VTMs and points out possible obstacles by using focus group interviews. The results could benefit VTM designing and strategy developing in the future.
Other Identifiers: G0103590163
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