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Title: ERP系統導入策略之評估─以S人壽保險公司為例
An Evaluation of ERP Implement Strategy─ A Case Study of Life Insurance Company S
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shih-Yu,
Huang, Wen-Lin,
Keywords: 企業轉型
Business transformation
Customer relationship management
Enterprise resource planning
Technology acceptance model
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 科技不僅改變了人類的生活,同時科技也驅動了企業的轉型。行動裝置、雲端技術、社群媒體、大數據四大科技趨勢,改變了生活,同時也改變了企業,造成了經濟的新時代,其中最重要的是大數據。在過去這幾個月,整個金管會開放了金融業投資金融科技的業務,造就了新的字眼─FinTech,就是如何把科技融入金融產業,亦是現今公司創新的發展目標。 個案公司擁有五十年的歷史,其間經歷總公司與台灣在地產業環境、政府法規、商品演進、客戶與業務策略與運作方式等的改變;配合調整,同時因應業務成長,作業流程與資訊系統難免因地制宜或遷就臨時改變,逐漸複雜。科技驅動企業轉型,個案公司和國際知名軟體公司合作發展境界成就計畫,其內容主要有四大模組:客戶關係管理、保險業核心、企業資源規劃(ERP)、以及商業資料庫整合與商業分析。希冀透過境界成就計畫能進行更快、更好、更有價值的服務,令工作更輕鬆,卻更有成效與意義,並讓公司成為所有客戶心中首選的保險公司。 本文利用科技接受模型(TAM)來實證探討個案公司員工使用境界成就計畫之新資訊系統之態度及意願,以自變數(有用性及易用性之關係)探討依變數(使用態度),再以使用態度為自變數探討依變數(使用意願)之關係。研究採問卷及訪談進行,受訪者皆為個案公司使用境界成就計畫之員工,以了解使用者實際使用情形。
Science and Technology have not only changed our life but also driven business transformation. Mobile devices, cloud technology, social media and big data are four technology trends that are changing our daily lives and the operations of business as well. Among the four trends, big data perhaps is the most important one, which will result in a completely new economic era. In the past few months, FSC implemented new policy that allows financial services companies to invest in financial technology. And, this policy bring a new word – FinTech, to our society.FinTech is about incorporating technology into the financial industry, which is also the important goals of business innovative development in today’s society. The case company has 50 years of history, during which the company has experienced the changes of its parent company and the evolution of the industry, government regulations, insurance products, and customer and business operational strategy. To be able to keep growing continually, the case company has been changing its business processes and information systems to adapt to the changing environment. Since technology usually drives business transformation,the case company worked with a well-known international software companyto developa brand new enterprise information system –The Achievement Project, which contains four modules: customer relationship management, insurance industry core, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and commercial database integration and business analysis. Hope that through the launch of The Achievement Project, the case company can deliver faster, better, and more valuable services to its customers and lead to easier, effective and meaningful work experience for its employees, which in turn make the case company become the first choice of all customers among insurance companies in Taiwan. The studyemploys the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to empirically investigate employee attitude toward The Achievement Project and employee intention to using the delivered information system. We use the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use to be the explanatory variables of attitude and usage intention and test the relationships with a sample obtained through an internal questionnaire investigation in the case company. We also conduct interviews with several employees who represent different departments in the case company to obtain qualitative opinions about The Achievement Project.
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