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Title: RFID影響個人資料隱私對服務績效指標重視程度的影響
RFID’s Personal Privacy Effect on Service Performance Importance
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shih-Yu
Chiu, Haw-Jeng
Lin, Cheng-Min
Keywords: 無線射頻識別
Customer satisfaction
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: RFID(無線射頻識別)在零售業已被廣泛使用並且在供應鏈管理中帶來相當高的經濟效益。經由RFID在產品上的運用,消費者可以享受到更快的付款速度,更即時的補貨速度,豐富的購物資訊提供,產品安全功能以及更多的售後服務。然而,也因為RFID標籤上可攜帶更多資料以及更長傳輸距離的特性,消費者的個人資料有可能在沒有加密的情況下被盜取,這也引申出RFID的應用可能衝擊到隱私的相關討論。 本論文旨在探究消費者本身,對服務績效的重視程度以及對個人資料隱私掌控的重視程度之間的相互關係。從研究架構中測試人口因素以及對服務績效的重視程度以證明是否原始假設可以被接受以及RFID的應用是否影響顧客對服務績效的重視程度。 本研究設計三個章節來探討顧客對服務績效的重視程度,每個章節以五個滿意度因素來評量並且在個人資料隱私掌控的重視程度章節中測試顧客對隱私的重視程度。從問卷結果中得知教育程度,年齡,性別, 婚姻狀況,任職行業以及個人收入等人口統計變數都不會顯著影響顧客對個人資料隱私掌控的重視與顧客對服務績效指標的重視程度。另外,問卷結果也指出當顧客越在意個人資料隱私掌控的重視程度,他們對服務績效指標也更為重視。這提供零售業者一些省思,顧客對隱私權的重視的確會影響他們對服務績效指標的重視程度。 根據以上結論,本研究並提出研究建議並指出後續研究的方向以供相關單位與後續研究者做為參考。
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is applied to the retail industry broadly and shows its highly economic benefit in retail supply chain management. Moreover, with the application of RFID in products, customers could share the benefit as well such as speed the paying process, rapidly speed of replenishment, more purchase information provided, safety function and better after-sale services. However, due to the characteristics of capable of carrying more data and long reading range, the customer’s personal shopping information will be revealed if without encryption function. It leads to the debate about if RFID application impacts the privacy. The purpose of this dissertation is to find out the relationship between customers, customer satisfaction concerns and how the mediating factors such as privacy and the new technology – RFID influence this relationship. From the research framework, those relationships between various defined variables like types of personal information and customer satisfaction concerns will be tested to verify if the original hypotheses are acceptable. Moreover, how does RFID influence the customer satisfaction is the critical issue that will discuss a lot in this research. This research conducts survey on customer’s satisfaction and comprises sections of customer’s attitude measurement. Each of the three sections about customer satisfaction has its measurement over five satisfaction factors. As well, the privacy section measures the extent of privacy concern over three privacy rights. A result of questionnaire regarding privacy concern indicates that whatever the education, age, gender and income of customers who care about the privacy when shopping in retail store, the privacy concern still does not significantly influence the customer satisfaction concerns. Furthermore, the other result of questionnaire regarding the more the customer concern anout privacy, who will care about the service performance more indeed and this just providing the recommendation that retail vender should aware that privacy concern will certainly influence the concern of customer satisfaction.
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