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Title: 臺灣生技產業之企業成長策略分析—以晟德藥廠為例
Taiwan biotech industry growth strategy analysis:A Case Study of the Center pharmaceutical company
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Keywords: 臺灣生技產業
Taiwan biotech industry
Growth strategy analysis
Center pharmaceutical
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 我國運用「生技新藥產業發展條例」,提供技術、人才及資金等租稅優惠措施,鼓勵廠商投入生技新藥開發。截至2014年4月底止,已有70家經審定為生技新藥公司,生技新藥品項達163項。預計隨著生技新藥產品於國內外獲准上市銷售,將有助於提高我國生技產業之全球市場市佔率。 本研究案例配合行政院推動「臺灣生技產業起飛行動方案」,除強化產業價值鏈中產業化研發角色,以補足當前生技產業發展上的缺口;同時因應國內外生技產業發展趨勢,以發展特色產品、催生旗艦型公司、擴大投資三大策略;並搭配政府中堅企業、產業人才紮根、兩岸搭橋專案等措施之推動,及運用各項投資獎勵措施,以加速生技產業之發展。 隨著我國生技產業結構逐漸完善,營業額穩健成長,國內外廠商投資生技產業金額也逐年增加。在因應競爭力的趨勢下,期望經由本研究進而訂定晟德之生物科技產業發展策略。另外,藉由檢視國內外生技產業發展走向及該公司提供參考與借鏡,希望形成具體提供該公司及業界等相關決策機構擬定策略時的參考,發展成為國際知名具特色產品與優質技術之生技醫療專業大廠。 關鍵字:臺灣生技產業、成長策略分析、晟德藥廠
Using “Biotech and New Pharmaceutical Development Act "to provide tax incentives to technology, personnel and funding to encourage manufacturers to invest biotech drug development. As at the end of April 2014, there have been 70 new biotechnology company have been determined, biotechnology over 163 items of new drugs. As new drugs are expected to biotech products approved for sale abroad, will help to improve our global market share of the biotechnology industry. This study with the Executive Yuan to promote "Taiwan biotech industry took off action plan", in addition to strengthening the industry value chain, the role of industrial development to complement the development of the biotechnology industry gap on the current; at the same time in response to domestic and international biotechnology industry trends, in order to development of specialty products, birth flagship company, expand investment three strategies; and with the government backbone enterprise, industry professionals rooted promoting measures such as the cross-strait bridge project, and the use of various investment incentives to accelerate the development of the biotechnology industry. In response to the competitive trends, expectations set by this study and further development strategy of Center Laboratories, Inc. In addition, by viewing the development of the biotechnology industry at domestic and international and to provide a reference and to learn from the company, hoping to form a specific reference to provide relevant decision-making body of the company and the industry, such as the time to develop strategies. This study will become a student of the internationally renowned high-quality specialty products and technical skills of medical professional manufacturers. Keywords:Taiwan biotech industry, Growth strategy analysis, Center pharmaceutical.
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