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Title: 以層級分析法探討企業經營關鍵成功因素-以電器產業為例
An AHP Approach to Explore Business Key Successful Factor —The Case Study of Electrical Industry
Authors: 蕭中強
Keywords: 企業經營關鍵成功因素
key factor in business model
analytic hierarchy process
electrical industry
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 近年來,臺灣電器產業市場出現相當大的變化,而在激烈的市場競爭中,仍有很多經營出色,業績良好的業者,為了瞭解在電器產業中優質企業經營成功的因素,以作為其他業者經營策略擬定之參考。本研究透過文獻回顧整理及經營管理關鍵成功因素的探討及應用,以建構出電器產業企業經營關鍵成功因素的層級架構。並以層級程序分析法進行關鍵成功因素權重分析。 問卷對象以電器產業公會會員為主,有效問卷份數為35份(訪談式的問卷100%回收)。經過本研究的調查發現,歸納出結論包括: 一、電器產業其企業經營關鍵成功因素之評估指標架構 共有「專業知識與技術」、「客戶關係管理與服務」、「研發管理」、「行銷管理」、「財務管理」、「人力資源管理」等六大構面及22個評估指標。 二、電器產業其企業經營關鍵成功因素的權重。 依序排列分別是專業知識與技術構面權重值0.262,排序第一,客戶關係管理與服務構面權重值0.219排序2,行銷管理構面權重值0.165排序3,研發管理構面權重值0.15排序4,財務管理構面權重值0.112排序5,人力資源管理構面權重值0.091排序6。 三、本研究的實務貢獻為提供電器產業(或相關產業)在評估經營關鍵成功因素可行之評分表,以節省無形的時間、人力及有形之金錢成本。可以將本研究所歸納的關鍵要素作為重要的評估要項,此為重要的參考資訊。
In recent years, the Electric Industrial market changed considerably in Taiwan, and in the fierce competition in the market, there are still a lot of good business, good performance industry, in the electrical industry in order to understand the quality of business success factors in the industry as other business strategy Framing reference. This study was to investigate and application consolidation and management of critical success factors through literature, to construct Electric Industrial business critical success factors of hierarchical structure. with AHP analysis method analysis of weight for key success factors(From 100% returned interview-style questionnaire). Questionnaire object is Electric Industrial business personals, valid questionnaires is 35. After this study, the survey found that summed up the conclusions. Include: 1 The evaluation criteria for key factor in business model in electrical industry Including 'Expertise and technology "," Customer relationship management and service "," R& D Management "," Marketing Management "," Financial Management "," human resources management "with six dimensions, and 22 assessment indicators 2. The weights in decision criteria for key factor in business model in electrical industry The sequence arrangement of " Expertise and technology ", the weight value of 0.62, rank as 1; " Customer relationship management and service ", the weight value of 0.219, rank as 2 ; " Marketing Management ", the weight value of 0.165, rank as 3; " R & D Management “of the weight value of 0.15, rank as 4 ; " Financial Management." , the weight value of 0.112, rank as 5 ; " human resources management " , the weight value of 0.091, rank as 6. 3.The practice contribution of this study is to provide electrical industry (or related industries) in assessing the scorecard of key success factors for saving time, manpower and tangible monetary costs. The key element of this study can be summarized as an important assessment; this is important reference information.
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