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Title: 強健策略對供應鏈之彈性影響之研究─以台灣消費性電子產業為例
A Study of the Effects of Robust Supply Chain Strategies on Resilience and Vulnerability Under Supply Chain Disruptions—A Case of Taiwanese Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shihyu
Luke McClung
Keywords: 強健供應鏈之策略
robust supply chain strategy
supply chain resilience
supply chain vulnerability
supply chain disruption
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究的要旨是以台灣消費性電子產業為例,去探討強健策略對供應念的彈性及脆弱性之影響。鑒於現今有許多企業都採用較簡易的供應鏈模式,本研究之要旨與今日競爭激烈之商業環境特別相關。本研究將探討採用強健供應鏈策略的企業是否在其供應鏈遭受到干擾時還能夠有效的處理問題並且繼續運作。在此研究過程中,數據的收集是不可或缺的,因此本研究將透過兩種不同形式的數據來呈現研究結果。本研究問卷調查之結果,將與和台灣電子產業的兩位高級主管之訪談資料共同整合在本研究中。 本研究根據台灣電子產業公司所提供的資料,可推斷出幾項結論:在台灣有許多企業採用一種,甚至是多種的強健供應鏈策略,經由企業提供的資料所統整出的數據,本研究可以證明強健的供應鏈及彈性的供應鏈有一定的相關性。本研究之結論顯示,強健供應鏈策略的實行對於企業供應鏈之彈性有正面的影響,採用強健策略之企業在其供應鏈遭受到破壞時可以較快的恢復正常運作,同時在受到破壞的期間,也較能夠不受影響的繼續生產運作;另一方面,本研究也指出,強健供應鏈策略的實行可幫助其供應鏈正在遭受破壞之企業將傷害降低,同時其供應鏈也較不易在生產過程中遭到主要的負面衝擊。
The purpose of this research was to determine the extent to which Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturing firms implement robust supply chain strategies, and the effect that those strategies have on the firms’ supply chain operations in the event of a supply chain disruption. This topic is especially relevant in today’s competitive business environment, as many firms are deciding to implement lean supply chain strategies. This study will determine whether or not those firms with robust supply chain strategies are able to more effectively deal with interruptions in the supply chain. Data collection is necessary for this research, therefore two types of data will be observed. Results from questionnaires will be examined in combination with information gathered from two interviews with executives at Taiwanese manufacturing firms. Upon examining the data, several conclusions can be made regarding the implementation of robust supply chain strategies by electronics manufacturers in Taiwan. It is evident that many manufacturing firms have utilized one or more of the robust strategies described in this study. There is a clear correlation between the implementation of robust supply strategies and the resilience of a firms supply chain operations. It can be concluded that the implementation of robust supply chain strategies has a positive influence on a firm’s supply chain resilience. Those firms that implemented these strategies are more likely to react quickly to a supply chain disruption, and they are more likely capable of continuing production in the event of a disruption. On the other hand, this research also points out that the implementation of robust supply chain strategies has a negative effect on a firm’s vulnerability to supply chain disruptions. Those firms that have implemented these strategies are less likely to suffer major setbacks in production due to a disruption in the supply chain. The results of this study are valuable to supply chain managers in any industry, as well as researchers who wish to further investigate robust supply chain strategies.
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