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Title: 我們為何工作:緬甸本土觀察
Why Do We Work: Local Observations from Burma
Authors: 許書瑋
Ryan Shuwei Hsu
Yan In Pi
Keywords: 緬甸
work motivation
means-end chain
new market
management of human resources
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 緬甸號稱亞洲最後一塊市場,在開放市場後吸引眾多外資企業進入,然而這些企業在營運過程中遇到不少阻礙,尤其是此起彼落的罷工示威,成為外商在緬甸管理上的一大阻礙。這樣的問題源自於外商企業與緬甸員工之間的文化隔閡。因此,本研究將會從文化的角度來探究緬甸人的工作動機,以期解決國際企業在緬甸所遇到的勞資摩擦。本研究採用方法目的鏈,總共有74名緬甸工作者參與本次的研究,透過階梯式訪談法,表達他們工作的動機,最後依據內容繪制出階層價值圖,由此可看出緬甸人心中真正的工作動機。
Burma is thought to be the last pile of markets in Asia. After opening up the market, it has attracted many foreign companies. However, these companies have encountered many obstacles in their operations, especially the strikes and demonstrations emerge in endlessly have become a major obstacle to the management of foreign businesses in Burma. Such problems stem from the estrangement between foreign companies and Burmese employees. Therefore, this study investigates the work motivations of Burmese people through cultural perspectives. In this study, means-end chain theory is used to explore the motivations of working for Burmese. A total of 74 Burmese workers participate in this study. Through the laddering interview, they express the motivations of working for them. Finally, a summary of work motivations, is arranged in a hierarchical value map (HVM) which shows the work motivations of Burmese.
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