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Title: 音樂也可以具有性格?音樂性格與品牌性格一致性對廣告效果之影響
Dose Music Have Personality? The Influence of Congruence between Music Personality and Brand Personality on AD effect
Authors: 沈永正
Shen, Yung-Cheng
Wang, Yan-Fang
Keywords: 音樂偏好
music preference
music personality
brand personality
ad recall
ad attitude
ad effect
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 音樂對於現代人是一個表達情感的途徑、一個用以表達自我,滿足自我,求取社會認同的溝通橋樑,而此概念和品牌性格頗有異曲同工之處,在品牌性格概念下消費者喜愛透過使用不同品牌性格的產品來展現自我的獨特性、追求心目中的理想中的自我。奠基在此相同的概念下,本研究提出「音樂性格」新概念─利用人格特質形容詞來描述不同的音樂類型。 因應行動影音廣告的成長,本研究主要著眼在探討音樂性格與品牌性格一致性程度對廣告效果之影響,由於過往一致性研究的研究範圍限於零售業,較少利用在廣告內容上,因此本研究希望進一步研究音樂性格與廣告品牌的配適程度,以利後續品牌商挑選適合品牌的背景音樂。 研究採以網路問卷調查,有效問卷為301份,主要樣本族群為大專院校學生與研究生,研究利用多變量變異數分析來進行檢定,並加入品牌偏好、音樂偏好、人格特質做為控制變數,研究結果顯示當音樂性格與品牌性格一致性程度越高時,音樂性格與品牌性格一致性對「廣告記憶」以及「廣告態度」都有顯著影響。 由此結果可推論「音樂性格」具有存在的價值,後續品牌商在挑選廣告音樂或執行銷活動時可以此概念進行音樂挑選,強化消費者對其品牌性格的認知。
Nowadays, music are used to express oneself, satisfy the need of emotion and communicate with others, just like what Brand personality works on people. Former researches showed that people like to use different brands to show their unique characteristics and achieve their ideal selves. Based on the same idea, this study proposed a new concept—Music Personality. The definition of Music Personality in this study is that different adjectives of personality can be used to describe different music genres. Reacting to the growth of mobile video, this study focused on the influence of congruence between Music Personality and Brand Personality on AD effect. Because previous congruency researches limited on retailer industry, this study aimed to fill the lack of congruency researches. This study attempted to discover the effect of congruence of Music Personality and Brand Personality to help brand companies choose the advertisement background music that fits their brands images best. This study adopted online survey and received 301 effective questionnaires. The main subjects were undergraduate and graduate students. This study examined the data by MANOVA and the control variables were Brand Preference, Music Preference and Personality. The result revealed the congruence of Music Personality and Brand Personality had significant effect on AD effect when Music Personality and Brand Personality had high congruence. According to the result, we can infer that the existence of Music Personality is meaningful. Music Personality can assist brand companies to enhance consumers’ awareness of the Brand Personality by choosing the adequate background music for advertisements and marketing events.
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