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Title: 教師教學轉化的歷程探究-以歷史科為例
The Study of Teaching Transformative Processes - History Subject for Example
Authors: 卯靜儒
Keywords: 教師教學
teaching for transformation
teaching processes
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 教師的教學運作是課室教學中相當關鍵的部分,而教師的教學除受外在大環境的教育脈絡因素所影響外,也可能與個人的學經歷背景和教學專業息息相關,甚至,學生的特質、興趣及能力等背景都可能對教師的教學產生影響及作用,因此,教師在如此複雜且動態的教室環境下來與學生互動並實行教學,其教學必定需要透過多方的思考及轉化的詮釋過程才可付諸實踐,而教師的教學轉化歷程及影響其進行教學轉化的因素也就有了討論和分析的必要。就此,本研究旨在瞭解及探究教學現場教師的教學轉化歷程及影響其教學轉化的因素。研究目的如下: 一、 探究教師教學中所形塑及建構的教學轉化歷程。 二、 探析影響教師進行教學轉化的因素。 三、 提供教學現場教師相關建議。 而為能深入瞭解教學現場中教師形塑教學轉化的歷程,研究乃採以較能貼近教學現場並據以分析教學現象的質性研究方法來進行探究,並以台北地區的一所綜合高中來作為研究的場域及其兩名歷史教師作為研究的對象,進而也透過深度訪談、課堂教室的參與觀察以及教學文件資料等方式來進行為期一學期的研究資料蒐集。本研究經資料的整理分析及探究後,研究結果發現教師乃透過教學理解來形塑教學轉化的歷程,而教師的教學理解將隨下列各因素有所影響:一、教師背景經驗的理解,二、教師對學習者的認知。最後,根據研究結論,提出教師教學轉化後續研究的具體建議及方向,以供參酌。
Teacher’s teaching is the key element in classroom, which is not only affected by the education context, but also related to teacher’s background, experience and teaching profession. Moreover, students’ characteristics, interests and competence might make effect on teacher’s teaching as well. All factors make teaching environment complicated and dynamic, and thus, teachers must be considerate while teaching and interacting with their students. Hence, it is necessary to discuss and analyze teachers’ teaching transformative processes and the influence elements of transformation. This study aims to understand teachers’ transformative processes and the influence elements of transformative act in classrooms. The purposes of the study are as follows: (1) discover teachers’ teaching transformative processes; ( 2) analyze the influence elements of teaching transformative processes on teaching; (3) provide some suggestions for teacher. To fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, in-depth interview, participant observation and teaching documents are employed to collect empirical data in this qualitative case study. Teacher’s teaching transformative act may differ by the following elements: (1) teachers’ background and experience; (2) the understanding of learners. Keywords: teaching, teaching for transformation, teaching processes
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