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Title: 多文本圖像化思考單對提升高中生歷史思維能力之準實驗研究─以「革命」主題為例
A Quasi-Experimental Study to Enhance High School Students' Historical Thinking Using the Graphic Worksheets in Reading Multiple Texts:The Theme of "Revolution" as An Example
Authors: 唐淑華
Tang, Shu-Hua
Lee, Po-Yi
Keywords: 多文本閱讀
multiple texts
graphic worksheets
historical thinking
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討「多文本圖像化思考單」(以下簡稱圖像化思考單)在提升高中生歷史思維能力和歷史學習態度是否有顯著成效。採用準實驗法中「不相等控制組前後測設計」和「成對樣本t檢定」。實驗對象為77名高中一年級兩班的學生,並將其隨機分為實驗組和對照組。實驗組採用「多文本閱讀+圖像化思考單」的教學模式;對照組則採用「多文本閱讀+傳統式學習單」的教學模式。在實驗課程設計方面,實驗組則有四個學習單元和兩個統整課程;對照組也有四個學習單元,但將統整課程以傳統式的討論和分享活動取代。實驗時間兩組皆共計六節課(六週)。在實驗流程方面,兩組學生皆需接受「歷史思維能力」和「歷史學習態度」的前、後測,以了解實驗組學生在歷史思維能力和歷史學習態度方面是否有所提升。除了從以量化的方式了解學生的歷史思維能力和歷史學習態度是否有所提升外,本研究亦透過質性分析「個人圖像化思考單」、「統整課程學習單」、「活動回饋問卷」和「訪談記錄」,了解學生在動態學習歷程的表現,並透過多面向的評量了解圖像化思考單教學對學生在「歷史思維能力」和「歷史學習態度」的影響。 研究結果顯示圖像化思考單教學能有效提升學生的「歷史思維能力」和「歷史學習態度」。其中在歷史思維能力的部分,尤其是「尋找歷史證據以評估歷史學家的主要爭論」的能力有明顯提升。同時本研究亦針對圖像化思考單教學方案的設計與實施過程,進行詳細的記錄與分析,希望可以作為未來研究歷史思維能力和多文本教學媒材的研究參考。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of using “graphic worksheets in reading multiple texts” in improving the historical thinking and learning attitude towards history of high school students. The “pretest-posttest nonequivalent control group design” and “paired sample t test” were applied in this quasi-experiment, in which 77 eleventh-grade students were divided into Experimental group and Control group. Experimental group adopted the teaching method with "multiple texts reading and graphic worksheets", while the control group adopted the "multiple texts reading and traditional worksheets" method. In terms of curriculum design, Experimental group had four units and two integrated courses. Control group also had four units, but the integrated courses were replaced with traditional discussion. Before the experiment, all students were required to take a historical thinking and historical learning attitude pretest. The experiment takes a total duration of six lessons (six weeks). All students then took a historical thinking and historical learning attitude posttest when the experiment was complete. Besides pretest and protest, "personal graphic worksheets", "integrated course worksheets", "the feedback of course activity questionnaires" and "interview record" were also analyzed to understand the performance of students in the dynamic learning process, and multiple assessments used to find the impact of graphic worksheets on students' historical thinking and historical learning attitudes. The findings showed that graphic worksheets teaching could enhance historical thinking and historical learning attitudes. Ability of historical thinking "find historical evidence to assess the main arguments of historians" has improved significantly. The detailed records and analysis with respect to the experiment were all provided as a reference for those who plan to further explore the research of historical thinking and multiple texts as teaching medium in the future.
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