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Title: 國小中年級說明文讀寫整合教學之行動研究
The Action Research of Integrated Reading-Writing Instruction in Informational texts on the 4th Grade Elementary School Students
Authors: 唐淑華
Tang, Shu-Hua
Huang, Kuan-Chun
Keywords: 讀寫整合教學
Integrated Reading-Writing (IRWI)
Informational texts
Writing Performance
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract:   本研究採行動研究,以研究者任教的基隆市蜻蜓國小(化名)四年級學生為研究對象(男13位女11位),設計讀寫整合(Integrated Reading-Writing Instruction)之課程,進行每周兩節為期15周的課程。研究中,教師將特別注重流程示範以及小組討論應用,使學生充分了解閱讀及寫作過程與策略;挑選教材時,重視與學生過去的學習與生活經驗的連接,減輕學生在閱讀不熟悉文體(說明文)以及針對範文寫作時產生的排斥感。研究材料為教師自編教材,三個循環的主題分別為:在地美食、古蹟建築與祭典文化,每個循環有四至五篇範文,範文體裁皆為說明文。  教學研究中,研究者將記錄每次教學、並於反思後進行修正,加以應用於下個循環中,並且蒐集學生在過程中的分享單、構思單及作品,研究者將蒐集的資料進行整理與分析,並透過資料的分析與詮釋,了解教學成效與學生的學習狀況。   本研究結論如下: 1.讀寫整合的教學流程包含:教學預備、基模確立、讀寫整合、討論分享四部分,及兩部分的知識:文體基模和策略知識。 2.讀寫整合教學能提升學生的寫作總字數。 3.學生在寫作表現「結構」和「內容思想」的進步並不顯著。 4.學生對讀寫整合課程表示肯定,認為課程提供知識上的支持,活動設計及工具助於思考及完成作文,但也容易遺失。   最後,根據本研究的結果及結論,提出教學及未來研究的建議。希望藉由讀寫整合教學之行動研究,了解讀寫整合教學應具備之要素,以及為教學過程中教師可能遭遇的困難提出解決方式,供未來現場教師進行讀寫整合教學時參考。
The purpose of this study was to design an Integrated Reading-Writing Instruction (IRWI) in Informational texts on the 4th Grade Elementary School Students, and to investigate the effects of the instruction on students’ writing performance. The participants consisted of 24 4th grade elementary school students. The research had been implemented for 15 weeks. The reading materials were chosen and rewritten by the teacher. There were three circles in this study. Each circle had one topic which all related to the social textbook unit “my hometown”. The traditional food, the historic monument and the traditional festival were the three main topics. During the research period, the data was collected through several resources including teaching journals, teacher’s observation records, work sheets, students’ writing performance assessments. All collected data was sorted out and analyzed for understanding the effects of teaching and students’ learning conditions. The results are as follows: 1.Integrated reading-writing instructions includes four parts: teaching preparation, establishing schema, reading-writing integration, discussing and sharing. And two kind knowledges: textural schema and strategic knowledge. 2.Integrated reading and writing instruction can increase the total number of words written on 4th graders’ writing. 3.In the scales of writing performance, students do not show distinct improvement in the final score and the two domains of content and organization. 4.Students like integrated reading-writing instructions, also think the instructions can provide knowledges support which improve their writing performances. Reading sheets can help students to understand the writing topics and to complete the writing, but it’s easy to miss. Some suggestions are proposed as reference for teachers and further research. Hope the result of this study show how an Integrated Reading-Writing Instructions was designed, and provide some suggestions of the integrated reading-writing instructions for future study on the basis of the research.
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