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Title: 實境與虛擬「文學圈」於英文閱讀教學之行動研究
An Action Research Study of Classroom and Virtual Literature Circles on Students’ English Reading Comprehension and Attitudes
Authors: 郝永崴
Hao, Yung-Wei
Liao, Lily
Keywords: 文學圈
literature circles
virtual literature circles
reading comprehension
reading attitude
reading strategies
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 閱讀是一切學習的根本。透過閱讀,學生能進入更多元、開闊的世界,也能尋找生命的另一可能性。閱讀若成為習慣,學生能不時與自己對話,就更能認識自己,建立自信。英文的閱讀也是如此,學生藉由另一種的語言思維、文化脈絡來探索自己,因此英文閱讀教學如果只侷限於單字、語法的片面傳授,那麼學生失去的將不只是對英文閱讀的熱情,也將失去對另一個世界的探索機會。108高中課綱的核心概念是將學習的主導權回歸給學生,讓學生在學習的過程中參與自己的學習內容規劃,成為學習的主導者。本研究旨在探討以「學生為中心」的文學圈閱讀模式對高中生英文閱讀理解成效、閱讀態度的改變及研究者專業能力成長。 本研究以研究者任教的三十五名高二學生為研究對象,所有學生皆參與為期十二週的文學圈英文閱讀計畫。研究方法採用行動研究法,蒐集實施文學圈閱讀期間的觀察及訪談紀錄、學習單及回饋問卷進行整理分析。本研究發現實境文學圈能增進學生的閱讀理解力並提升學生的閱讀態度。文學圈中同儕面對面的提問與分享,讓學生學會溝通與合作學習。而虛擬文學圈則提供一個低威脅的發表平台,讓學生得以自在地發表意見。然而對英語學習者而言,提供足夠的學習鷹架是必要的,如角色學習單和迷你課程有助於學生的英文閱讀理解,並讓學生的討論較有效率且討論內容品質也能提升。
Reading is fundamental to learning, and if students know how to read well, they can better equip themselves and have access to a whole new world full of imagination and creativity. To enhance students’ motivation and passion for reading, an action research study was conducted with 35 high school students to examine the effects of literature circles (LC) on developing active reading attitude and enhancing reading comprehension. The course of this study spanned for twelve weeks in one 11th grade classroom. This study was designed to see what would happen when eleventh graders met to discuss what they read within literature circles not only in the classroom face to face but online as well through wikispaces. Data from surveys, interviews and online discussion posts showed that participants’ English reading comprehension and reading attitude have improved with the implementation of the 12-week, LC-integrated English course. With classroom literature circles, students have acquired important communicative and collaborative skills through face to face discussion, whereas virtual literature circles offer participants a less threatening and low-risk forum to speak up their mind. However, for students to fully benefit from literature circles, mini-lessons and the use of role sheets should be incorporated to facilitate EFL students’ reading comprehension and oral communication.
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