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Title: 人之初,性本「單」?國中國語文繪本教學之多元文化課程研究
People Were Born with Singular Gender Identity?Multicultural Curriculum Research of Teaching Chinese Picture Books In Middle School
Authors: 黃純敏
Huang, Chuen-Min
Huang, Yu-Ting
Keywords: 多元文化課程
multicultural curriculum
gender equality education
gender stereotype
picture books teaching
action research
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究建構一套國中國語文繪本教學之多元文化課程,目的在於透過繪本教學與閱讀改善學生的性別刻板印象和提升閱讀興趣。本研究以國中八年級一個班級為研究對象,採用行動研究取向之課程設計與教學,輔以學習單、訪談、觀察記錄、文件分析等資料蒐集整理,從課程與教學、學生學習成效和教師專業成長三層面,探究多元文化課程的建構與實施。 研究結果如下: 一、建構以打破學生性別刻板印象、提升性別平等涵養和閱讀興趣為目標之多元文化課程方案; 二、多元文化課程有效改善學生性別刻板印象、增進對他人的包容與尊重並付諸實踐; 三、運用合作學習和寫作評量進行繪本教學能提升學生閱讀興趣、溝通和反思力; 四、議題融入教學提升教師多元文化課程設計能力和專業成長。
The purpose of the present study was to design a multicultural curriculum of teaching Chinese picture books in the effort to change students’ gender role stereotype and also enhance reading interest. The participants were 8th grade students in one class. The present study was a qualitative action research emphasized on education curriculum design and teaching. Data was collected via learning sheet, interview, observation, and documentary research. The effectiveness of the multicultural curriculum was evaluated by analyzing the curriculum and teaching strategy, students' learning efficiency and outcome, and the teacher's professional development. The research findings included: 1. Construct a multicultural curriculum that aims to break the gender stereotypes of students and promote gender equality and reading interest. 2. The multicultural curriculum effectively improves students' gender stereotype, enhances tolerance and respect for others and puts them into practice 3. Using cooperative learning and writing assessment for picture book teaching can enhance students' reading interest, communication and reflection 4. Implementation of social issues in the multicultural curriculum enhances the teachers’ multicultural curriculum design ability and professional development.
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