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Title: 圖文閱讀融入九年級地理教學之成效研究
The effects of integrating text and picture comprehension in Geography for the ninth Graders
Authors: 唐淑華
Tang, Shu-Hua
Lee, Hsiao-Ping
Keywords: 多媒體學習認知理論
cognitive theory of multimedia learning
dual coding theory
text and picture comprehension
geography education
learning effect
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討運用圖文閱讀教學融入地理科的學習,是否有助於九年級學生增進其對於地理概念的理解、了解學生對於此教學方法的態度與建議並觀察學生的學習歷程以知道學生的學習困難。本研究採取準實驗設計,研究對象為台北市某小型國中九年級兩個班級的學生,共53位。研究工具包含自編「地理概念理解測驗」、學習單、觀察錄影、訪談、圖文閱讀融入地理教學課後問卷。量化資料進行描述性統計與單因子共變數分析;質性資料則將觀察錄影、訪談、學習單、問卷的資料進行分析與處理。 研究結果發現: 1.圖文閱讀融入地理教學對於實驗組與對照組雖然未顯著差異,但是本研 究卻發現此教學法對於低學業成就學生幫助較大。 2.實驗組的學生對該教學法多持正向態度。 3.實驗組學生在圖文閱讀歷程中:圖文搭配不易、圖像轉譯、課本圖文設 計不夠清楚皆可能有礙閱讀理解。 4.不同學業成就的學生對於課程內容要求不同,學業成就越高的學生期望 可以給予更多閱讀挑戰,反之低學業成就學生則希望可以理解課文中內 容即可。 5.高學業成就者的圖文閱讀能力沒有明顯優於中或低學業成就的學生。 故本研究在最後提出建議,以供對於未來關心地理教育者參考。
The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to investigate the effects of integrating text and picture comprehension on junior high school learners’ geographical cocepts , motivation toward learning Geography, their comments on this way of teaching and difficulties when comprehending. A pretest-posttest group research design was used. The sample population was from two classes of the ninth year junior high school students in Taipei. The experimental group was taught in integrating text and picture comprehension on Geography for 10 weeks,while the control group was taught in the traditional method. This study collected data from geographical concept comprehension test,video tape, worksheets ,interview and questionnaires. The statistical data was analyzed by using One-way Analysis of Covariance( ANCOVA) to determine whether there were significant inter- and intra-group differences. The qualitative data,including video tape, interview, worksheets and open ended questionnaires as aided tools to know students’ feedback on the curriculum. The results showed: 1.Though there was no significant difference in students’ learning effectiveness between the experimental and the control group. Intergrating text and picture comprehension into geography was helpful for low achivement students. 2.The experimental group had positive attitude on this teaching method. 3.The experimental group had three difficult things when reading: easily ignoring the helpful of pictures, hard to translation different cognites pictures and the poor desigh of the textbook may hamper their comprehension. 4.Different academic achivement students had different inpections on curriculum. The high academic achivement students wanted to challenge hard material while middle and low academic achivement students just wanted to realize what the textbook presented. 5.High academic achievement Students are not necessarily good at comprehending text and picture than middle and low academic achievement Students. Finally, based on the conclusions, suggestions for educational applications and future research were recommended.
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