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Title: 三位特教老師的實習故事~實習對教師信念形塑的影響
Internship's Influence on teachers' beliefs: The Internship's Experiences of Three Special Education Teachers
Authors: 胡心慈
Hsin-tzi Hu
Li-Chun Wang
Keywords: 特教教師
special education teacher
intern teacher
teachers’ beliefs
qualitative study
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究採用質性研究法,從三位特教教師在實習經驗中,探究在實習階段,教師信念可能產生的轉變和影響因素。為期七個月的研究過程中,透過訪談三位特教教師、實習情境脈絡中的重要他人、相關文件分析及實地觀察,來蒐集資料。資料經分析與整理後,先呈現三位故事主角各自的實習故事,再歸納我從中看見的事實。主要的發現如下: 一、個人特質與實習情境脈絡交互影響,在實習過程中,各自激盪出 不同的行動。 二、既有教師信念受到衝擊,始於實習遇到的特殊事件。 三、實習階段,教師信念轉變的契機,在於實習期間的參與、省思及對話。 四、自我省思、特教團隊教師的回饋,帶來積極的教師信念轉變;而缺少省思、對話,則會因實習期間體認的現實,帶來退縮、消極的教師信念轉變。 五、實習階段,歷經波動的教師信念,未必能付諸行動。主要是受限於實習身分或時間因素,需要獲得支持、溝通與再行動,才能釐清自己的教師信念。
In this qualitative study, the internship’s experiences of three special education teachers about development of the teachers’ beliefs, and factors affecting the teachers’ beliefs were explored. Data was collected in seven months through in-depth interviews, documents, and observation. Each experience stories were reported in thick description. The main findings of this study were as follows: (1) Personal qualities and contextual factors entail a complex set of interactions that make special education intern teachers behave differently. (2) Special events that occurred in internship’s experiences impact the existing teachers’ beliefs. (3) Participation in school, reflection and discussion is the key that make teachers’ beliefs shift. (4) Self-reflection, feedback from the team of special education teachers can make positive changes in teachers’ beliefs. But lack of reflection and discussion, teachers’ beliefs of intern teachers will become passive because they realized the reality of faith. (5) However, there are some gaps emerging because of intern teachers’s indentities or time factors. Intern teachers need support, communication and re-action to clarify their teachers’ beliefs.
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