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Title: 特殊教育學校高職部智障學生性教育實施情形與教師需求之研究
The Status of Sexuality Education Practices and Teachers' Demands for Students with Mental Retardation in Vocational Senior Highs of Special Education Schools
Authors: 杜正治教授
Keywords: 特殊教育學校
special education school
vocational senior high
sexuality education
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解目前特殊教育學校高職部智能障礙學生性教育實施情形與教師需求。探究教師在不同背景變項下,其對性教育實施情形與需求之差異。 本研究以特殊教育學校高職部合格教師為研究對象,採調查研究法,並以李克特氏五點量表設計出本研究問卷。研究者自編「特殊教育學校高職部智能障礙學生性教育實施情形與教師需求調查問卷」進行資料蒐集,內容分為「課程與教學」和「行政支援」兩個向度。以隨機方式發出297份問卷,有效回收問卷268份,回收率達93%。所得資料以平均數、標準差、 t考驗、單因子變異數分析、事後比較和皮爾遜積差相關等統計方法進行處理。所得結果略述如下: ㄧ、在性教育實施情形上,結果屬於「高」的等級。 二、在教師需求上,結果屬於「高」的等級。 三、不同背景變項方面:不同的現任職務、研習經驗與班級規 模之教師在性教育實施情形上有差異;不同教育背景教師 在性教育實施需求上有差異。 四、教育實施情形與教師需求成顯著正相關。 根據研究發現及結論,研究者提出若干建議,供相關教育主管機關、學校及未來研究之參考。
The main purpose of this research was to explore the status of sexuality education practices and teachers' demands for students with mental retardation in vocational senior highs of special education schools. Their individual variances were examined on the basis of different personal and employment backgrounds, the relations among sexuality education practices, and teachers' demands for sexuality education. The qualified teachers in Vocational Senior Highs of Special Education Schools are the case objects. The methodology for this research is survey study and the study use Likert’s model to design questionnaires.The researcher-developed questionnaire "A Survey on the Status of Sexuality Education Practices and Teachers' Demands for Students with Mental Retardation in Vocational Senior Highs of Special Education Schools" was used,and contain "The curriculum and the current teaching conditions "and "administration support". A total of 297 questionnaires were randomly sent out to special education teachers in vocational senior highs of special education schools, and there were 268 valid returns (return rate: 93%). Raw data were analyzed through some statistical methods such as means, standard deviations, t-test, one-way ANOVA, posteriori comparisons, and the Pearson Product-Moment Correlation. The primary findings were as follows: A.The senior high special education teachers tend to have high levels to practice the sexuality education. B.The senior high special education teachers' demands for sexuality education tend to have high levels. C.From a different background variables:The sexuality education practices in vocationalsenior high special school by special education teachers varied with individual position, experiences of participating in workshops on sexuality education and school class scale. Teachers' demands also differed with their education backgrounds. D.For the senior high school teachers of self-contained classes, there were significantly positive correlations between their levels of practices and demands for sexuality education. Based on the above findings of this study, several suggestions for the education administration and teachers were proposed. A few guidelines were also offered for future studies.
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