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Title: 臺北市高中英文科跨校專業學習社群教師領導實踐之研究
The Practice of Teacher Leadership in an English Teachers' Professional Learning Community: A Case Study in Taipei
Authors: 林子斌
Lin, Tzu-Bin
Hour, Chung-Cheng
Keywords: 專業學習社群
Professional Learning Community
Teacher Leadership
High School English Teacher
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract:   本研究係以臺北市跨校英文科專業學習社群(驚奇社群)為研究個案,分析社群成員扮演之領導角色,探究跨校專業學習社群下之教師領導行為。首先歸納Roberts和Pruitt(2003)及DuFour, DuFour和Eaker(2008)的專業學習社群發展階段理論,轉化為跨校專業學習社群的發展歷程,並運用Katzenmeyer與Moller(2001)所提出的教師領導角色,探討跨校專業學習社群成員所扮演的多元角色,最後分析其在社群實踐過程中之教師領導行為。   本研究採用個案研究法,以參與觀察、半結構式訪談進行資料蒐集,研究者進一步對資料進行歸納、分析與詮釋,最後綜合整理研究發現如下: 一、驚奇社群之實踐共經歷「孕育」、「形成」、「成熟」與「維持」等四個階段 二、教師在跨校專業學習社群中扮演多重角色 三、教師領導行為能有效促進跨校專業學習社群之發展   根據上述研究發現與結論,茲提供教育行政單位、學校行政單位與後續研究作為參考。
  This study aims to analyze the leadership role that various paticipants play in the professional learing community (PLC) through a case study of High school English professional learning community. From litertre review, the stage of PLC development from Robert and Pruitt (2003), and DuFour, DuFour and Eaker (2008) is induced. Furthmore, it is adapted to fit in the local context. Based on the role of teaher leders proposed by Katzemeyer and Moller (2001), this study also explores the multiple roles of PLC participants. Finally, the teacher leadership behaviour are investigagated during the operating process of PLC.   The methods of case study is employed in this research. Participant observation and semi-interview are used for data collection. After analysing and interpreting the data, the research results are described listed as follows: 1.This PLC experienced four stages: gestation, formation, maturation and preservation. 2.Teachers play multiple roles in this PLC. 3.Teacher leadership effectively promotes the development of PLC.   These research findings can be used as reference for education administrations, school leaders. Suggestions are provided provided for future research.
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