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Title: 中學生中文詞彙遠距聯想測驗之心理計量特性
The Analysis of Chinese Word Remote Associates Test Among High School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 陳學志
Lee Hsiao Yi
Keywords: 遠距聯想
remote association
Chinese Word Remote Associates Test
creativity measurement
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在建立「中文詞彙遠距聯想測驗」(Chinese Word Remote Associate Test, CWRAT) 的臺灣國、高中常模並檢驗其信、效度。選取臺灣北、中、南、東四區,共1486名國高中職學生進行施測,發現在CWRAT信度上國中生為.81、高中生為.82。在效度上,CWRAT與頓悟性問題作業的相關國中甲、乙及高中甲、乙式分別為.36、.38、.31、.18。CWRAT與威廉斯創造傾向量表各分量表的相關方面,僅有高中乙式與冒險、挑戰有顯著相關(r=.40、.42),其餘各版本與威廉斯創造傾向量表各分量表皆無顯著相關。CWRAT與新編創造思考測驗間,僅有國中甲式與語文獨創,其餘均無相關。CWRAT甲乙式與國中同儕互評創造力排序達顯著相關(r=.25);與高中學業成績班級排名有顯著相關(r = .30);與高中教師評定之創造力得分呈現顯著正相關(r = .33)。CWRAT國高中生得分的性別差異方面,不論甲、乙式女生的答對率皆顯著高於男生。CWRAT國高中生得分的學歷差異方面,高中生的答對率顯著高於國中生。綜合上述可知,CWRAT的信效度部分得到支持。
The Analysis of Chinese Word Remote Associates Test Among High School Students in Taiwan Abstract The purpose of this research is to develop the norm and to examine the reliability and validity of Chinese Word Remote Associates Test (CWRAT) among high school students in Taiwan. 1486 high school students were tested with two versions of the CWRAT and the results show that the test-retest reliability coefficients are .81 and .82 among high school students. The correlation between CWRAT and the Insight Problem Test was found (r = .36, .38, .31, .18). In addition, the result shows that CWRAT version two correlates with Risk-Taking and Complexity among senior high school students(r=.40, .42), whereas no correlations were found with the Williams Scale of Creative Tendency and the Revised Tests of Creative Thinking. The results also show CWRAT correlates with peer assessment(r=.25), academic performance(r=.30) and teacher assessment(r=.33). Female students and senior high school students score higher in both versions of CWRAT. In sum, the reliability and validity of CWRAT were partially supported. Keywords: remote association, Chinese Word Remote Associates Test, creativity measurement
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